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Hi.. i'm a chinese girl.. 20 years old...

our country has 56 ethnic groups.

and i'm a members of a group called korean ethnic group...

i love our country and also our group..

now i will introduce many about our country..

and hope you can enjoy yourself on my blog..

hello! my name
is yinhua..

i will introduce more about our country

the national flag of china

China has a long history of 5000 years, which turns out rich culture and special style. Its said that every corner of Chinese ancient history was filled with varieties of prominent art works. All this influences people here by giving them a lot of feelings, experiences, images and ideas about life.
Mandarin has Beijing pronunciation as its standard pronunciation, northern dialect as its basic dialect, and the typical modern vernacular Chinesea as its grammatical standard. Mandarin offers convenience for communication between people at different areas or of different ethnic groups in China.

China has a vast territory and a large population. Even though people all use the Chinese language, they speak in different ways in different areas, which are called dialects. Generally called local languages, dialects are branches of the Chinese language in different regions, and are only used in certain areas. At present, the Chinese language has seven dialects: northern dialectb, Wu dialectc, Xiang dialectd, Gan dialecte, Hakkaf, Min dialectg and Yue or Guangdong dialecth. Among them, northern dialect is one used most widely. Hakka, Fujian dialect and Guangdong dialect are also used by overseas Chinese.

China has 56 ethnic groups


the Han Chinese

Miao ethnic minanty group

Tibetan ethnic minority group

Hui ethnic minority group

Dai ethnic minority group
The Dai people mainly live in the Xishuangbanna area in Yunnan Province.

Mongolian ethnic minority group

The Li ethnic minority lives mainly in the Li and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (Hainan Province)

Uygur ethnic minority group


Hani ethnic minority group

Yi ethnic minority group
(the most populous ethnic group in southwest China)

Lisu ethnic minority group

The Gaoshan ethnic group

Nu ethnic minority group (ŭ)

Drung ethnic minority group ()

The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest wonders of the world.

Cocoa syli

Cocoa syli

Luoyang Baima Temple

Burial figures of warriors and horses


The Imperial Summer Villa (Chengde, northeastern Hebei province)

Silk Road

Beijing Bai Yun Guan (White Cloud Temple)

The Mid-Autumn Festival

Tang Dynasty myth holds that the Earth once had 10 suns circling it.

Chinese type marriage


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