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A Trip To Jamaica
As you may have noticed, I have a color scheme going. It is green, yellow, and black. The colors of the Jamaican flag. Many people underestimate Jamaica for it's small size, but it is a great place to be. Why do you think so many people want to vacation there? It is a small hospitible island just south of Florida and Mexico. It's army is very small, but they are peaceful and only go to war when NECESSARY! Because since their army is so small, it's no walk in the park going to war. It's not a walk in the park going to war for China eaither, but...

For those of you that want to learn more...

Jamaica's National Flag

Map of Jamaica
Jamaica's population has been rapidly increasing with an annual growth rate of 3% in 1960. The birth rate was 39 per 1000 in 1960, but dropped slightly in the latter part of the decade. Emigration has been reduced except among skilled and professional workers. Movements to urban areas has been steady, but industrilization and economic development have failed to keep pace and unemployment is high along with the accompanying social problems. A national family planning program was established in 1966 with both private and public channels available for the distribution of contraceptive methods. All methods are available and discussed with the clients, including rhythm. As of August 1969, 60% of the acceptors had chosen the pill, and 66% of all acceptors were satisfied with their chosen method. Abortion remains illegal though it is acceptable on grounds of maternal health.
That is the whole population, of a whole country. Jamaica is very small, though it is not the world's smallest country. Jamaica is considered an island, so it is not a one-country-continent.

This is a little girl, no different from us. She is not poor or homeless, which is what most think Jamaica is. She isn't wearing anything tradtional, just normal clothes like you and me.


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