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Jeddahs busteling city is the place to be especially if you are an active teen.

Jeddah, unlike you may think, is one of the most modern cities of the world. technology and entertainment paly a huge life in anyones daily life. beautiful beaches and coral reefs are the peoples weekend get aways.

The Naseef house was one of the first houses built in Jeddah, and it is still standing in the original "balad" or old Jeddah

Saudi Arabia is a kingdom, established by King Abdulaziz

Jeddahs location is perfect for anyone who would love to enjoy the beautiful coral reef of the red sea

Because of the royal family, Saudi Arabias population is made up of many people (over 3000)of all ages from the royal family. There are many designer shops and expensive luxury cars. The currency is riyals. Here is a picture of a 200sr and a 500sr. Although exchange rates change their amount, their value is still the same i.e=$200 same value as 200sr

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