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My country Macedonia

Dear friends this is my country MACEDONIA!
I live in this beauty country. My country
has a long history in the past. It is a
mountain country with very much mountains.

Here are the towns of MACEDONIA

The ancient city of Ohrid, situated along the coast of the magnificent Lake Ohrid, is undoubtedly the most beautiful and most attractive Macedonian town, a pearl of old architecture and a treasury of valuable cultural and historical monuments. Located on the shores of Lake Ohrid, the town of Ohrid is one of the oldest human settlements in Europe. Its ancient name was Lichnidos, which was used to refer to the settlement of Ohrid and the lake.

Macedonia have got 3 lakes.
The famos lake is Ohrid's lake
bud Prespa lake is one special
He have 2 lake islands:
"Big city" and "Small city"

People often travel to Ohrid
because the good hotels, the
lake and past things!

Macedonia center city and most big town
is Skopje! It is a sweet city with a lot
and lot of choise things to do there!
(hotels, zoo park, sport park kids park)
And the big river in Macedonia Vardar!

The winter center in Macedonia
is the mountain and a litle town
Mavrovo who have a skating park!
People go there at winter and
have much more fun!!!

The most famos mountain in Macedonia
is Shar mountain. With a lot of beauty
nature things. By the name of this
maontain Macedonian dog it has it!
It's name is Macedonian Sheepherd
or Shar mountain dog. The best dog
in Macedonia who is the onlly kind
in the world. It protect sheeps and
is really funny some times!

This is the river Radika in Mavrovo

That's All!


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