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Iran Will Welcom U
!!!I luFf mah IRAN!!!

Hi everyOne thiS is me "Niloofar". I'm gonna tell u about ma whole Country.Iran welcomes you...
The national culture and beliefs of a nation are the foundation of the history of that nation. Iranian culture and beliefs have been the cradle of the world's greatest civilizations...
Heir to this great national history and also its origin are the Iranian people, ingenious, inventive and diligent.

We invite you to visit the highlights of Iran's ancient history and culture and to discover its remarkable geographical variety.

About Iran

Iran is one of the most ancient cradles of human civilization. This territory is abundant in historical monuments, each of which dating back to a very far past. Geographical situation of Iran and its location in the route of the Silk Road, forces trade caravans and tourists who departed the West for China and Far East, to traverse through this land, leaving behind countless travel accounts.

Iran lies on southwest Asia with an area of 1,648,195 square kilometers

Iran map iS just like a cat!!!!!!!!!

Oh Iran, oh bejeweled land
Oh, your soil is the wellspring of the arts
Far from you may the thoughts of evil
May you remain lasting and eternal

Oh, enemy if you are of stone I am of iron
May my life be sacrificed for my pure motherland
Your love is my calling
My thoughts are never far from You
In your cause, when do our lives have value?
May the land of our Iran be eternal

We Have different climate. We have green forests as well as parched deserts and snowcapped mountains.

Capital city: Tehran

Located in the north - central part of Iran, on the southern slope of the Alborz Mountains, Tehran covers an area of 1500 sq kms. As the capital of the country it is the most populated and the center of cultural, economical, political and social activities. In the distant past ,Tehran was a village containing numerous gardens, but in the safavid period its importance increased.

Tehranís development as an independent city, however, began in the 18th century, when it was finally announced as Iranís capital by Agha Mohammad Khan, the first of the Qajars impressed with Tehran, in 1995, because of its enjoying special importance from the geographical, political, and economical points of view. That is why most of the historical buildings of Tehran are of the Qajar period.
Ancient sights

Picture Of PersePolis

This is the ancient city Persepolis In Iran(Shiraz city), burnt down by Alexander the Great in revenge for the repeated ravages in the Athenian Acropolis and for the numerous invasions of Persians to Greece.

Ancient texts found in Persepolis.The relevant passages from ancient scholars on the subject are set out below:

(1)Persepolis was the capital of the Persian kingdom. Alexander described it to the Macedonians as the most hateful of the cities of Asia, and gave it over to his soldiers to plunder, all but the palaces. (2)It was the richest city under the sun and the private houses had been furnished with every sort of wealth over the years. The Macedonians raced into it slaughtering all the men whom they met and plundering the residences; many of the houses belonged to the common people and were abundantly supplied with furniture and wearing apparel of every kindÖ.

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