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Hello,everyone.My name is Emma.It's my English name.My Chinese name is Changxiao.I am a 16-year-old girl from China.It's a beautiful country.This is my photo.It's a very important place for tradional China.I hope we can be friends.It's my pleasure.And you can see lots of photos from China!

"Gold Ling 12 Chais" is °∂Red Chamber Dream °∑the inside"thin life department" of the great void dreamland inside record of Nanking 12 second to none woman.The treasure jade ask a way:"What is the gold Ling 12 Chai positive volumes?"The way of Jing Huan:"Namely expensive province in 12 volume of woman."

Wood,such as the sea and the Gu, female quickly and only.Because the parents successively die, the grandmother be pity it be standing alone and connect to a glory country a mansion to bring up.Although she be the orphan for depend on another person for support, her born nature Gu Ao, innocent plain deal, with the treasure jade be the same as feudalism of revolt, never advise treasure jade to walk feudalism of officials as a class road.She disregard merit and fame power expensive, be Gu treasure jade north quiet WangSuoZeng's saint top grant of valuable beads when 1 string send to her, but she say °√ "what the smelly man once took of, I don't want this thing!"She has common Zhao with treasure jade ideal and aspiration, sincerely love each other, but this love drive Gu mother waited for someone to cruelly strangle, LinDaiYu's tears exert but die.

Xue treasure Chai
The gold Ling is 12 one of the Chaises, Xue the aunt's daughter, the in home own million it be rich.Her facial appearance beauty, the muscle and bone be lustrous and the bearing be refined.She fall overboard for "official career economy" and advise treasure jade to the meeting would an official of, talk to speak to talk to speak official career economy, drive treasure jade carry ground on treasure jade's back inside scold it as"impudent remark".She carefully obey feudalism girl's behavior, and the city mansion be rather deep, the ability cultivate popularity and get under the Gu your home of the Kua be great.She hang on having the gold lock of "do not leave not to leave, your age always after" the Zan, Xue aunt early put breeze to say the °√ "you this gold lock want Jian to have jade of square can go together with", at Gu mother, etc. of Wang madam of skill hold to do bottom, Gu treasure the jade be compelled to marry a Xue treasure Chai for the wife.Because both parties have no common of ideal and aspiration, Gu treasure jade again can't forget understanding friend LinDaiYu, after getting married soon namely house be the monk went.The Xue treasure Chai has to only guard empty Gui and harbor eternal sorrow.

Gu dollar spring
The eldest daughter of Gu government and Wang's madam.It is since childhood keep by Gu mother's teaching.Conduct and actions long elder sister, she at treasure jade 34 years old, have already taught him how to study to know a word, although is elder sister's younger brother, like mother and child.Empress just virtuous because of wise filial piety, choose to be a female Li into the temple.Soon, Feng Zao temple still book, add a virtuous imperial concubine.In order to greet her to visit parents, Gu house especially cover a visit parents villa.It's the luxury of the villa's turn to is sumptuous, connect dollar the spring all felt too luxurious over the fee!Dollar although the imperial concubine brought Gu house "very hot fire boil oil, fresh flowers Zhao prosperous brocade", but she be shut in the Royal deep temple by the You.While visit parents, she say 1, cry 1, say imperial palace inner palace"can not appear in public of whereabouts" of"eventually not intentional interest".This time after visit parents, dollar imperial concubine again have no the opportunity of a temple, empress fall ill but Wu.

Face spring
BE Gu She and Qie living of, the seniority be two young ladies for the Gu mansion.Her honesty is incapable, weak in character be afraid of getting into trouble, there is the Hun of " two woods"s.She not only write a poem to guess at riddle not equal to sisters, at conducting behavior up, also know concession and let people to humiliate.The her Zan bead Lei silk gold Feng jewelry is descended a person to take to gamble, she don't pursue, the other people try and substitute her to recover, but she say °√ "would rather have no, again why the need for angry." The her father Gu She owed Sun Jia's 5,002 silvers still not, marry her to Sun Jia, actually take her to arrive a debt.After get married soon, she drive Sun Shao Zu maltreatment but dead.

History Xiang cloud
The gold Ling is 12 one of the Chaises, is the Gu mother's grandnephew female.Although is Hao door daughter, she the parents both die since the childhood, is bring up by the uncle history Ding, but the aunt be not good to her.At uncle's house, she be some to also make can not lord, and often want to do needlework to the midnight.Her life experience and some likeness in LinDaiYu, but she don't have Lin2 Dai4 Yu4 of revolt spirit, and be subjected to a Xue treasure Chai to some extent of influence.Her frank and outspoken, bright and straightforward, the love be naughty, after even presuming to get drunk wine in the garden of big granite top sleep big feel.She with treasure jade also be regarded as good friend, together, sometimes warm and affectionate, sometimes also angry, but her Jin bosom the Tan concuss, never pair of children personal relations slightly Ying mind.Empress marry and Wei if orchid, after getting married soon, husband namely get fall ill, empress become Lao disease but Wu, history Xiang cloud resolve to remain a widow life long.

The Gu explore spring
Gu government and Qie Zhao4 Yi2 Niang2 living and seniority's ising a Gu mansion be three young ladies.She smart bility, there is scheming, ability make firm decision, connect Wang's madam and Feng the elder sister all make her several cent, there is the Hun of " rose".The grade idea of her feudalism is special mightiness, so despise disgust to natural mother Zhao4 Yi2 Niang2 who be placed in slave girl Qie a position, cold heartless.While copying the check great view park, she for making the decision the dignity, "grasp candle the Ya wreath to open the door but treat" of son in the slave girl servant in front maintenance, the other people search oneself of box cabinet, forbid a person to move the thing of her wench.Wang2 Shan4 Bao3's house of"have never become to calculate inside heart of", don't know this, there and then got a slap towards exploring spring to make physical advances of, so.Explore the mansion that the spring face to the Gu mansion Qing of the crisis have emotional stirrings, she want to use "interest benefit in addition to fraud" of small reform to save, but useless.The end Gu explore spring far marry other place.

The Gu cherish spring
The gold Ling is 12 one of the Chaises, Gu Jean's younger sister.Because father Gu respect persistently good the way make pill, don't of the matter be all ignore, but mother again early die, she always at the glory country mansion Gu mother nearby grow up.In order to having no parents to love, developped the personality of eccentric inhospitality, the lost all interest mouth be cold.While copying the check great view park, she bite settle tooth, the Nian walk the milli- without rebuke Ya wreath go into painting and shed tears other people grief unconcerned.The four greatest households decline destiny, three origin elder sister in the house of unfortunate final outcome, make her creation leave the mind of a life time, empress go into Long Cui An for the Ni.

Wonderful jade
Person's surname in the Suzhou.On her Zu is study officials as a class somebody else.Because of since childhood much disease, bought many substitute, all useless.Had to go into Buddhism, the health condition was just good, past has been take hair to practice moral teachings.The parents already dead and nearby take two old mama and a bond maid serve.Her pole text Mo, very familiar classic, shape again best.Arrive to Chang-an and all practice moral teachings with the teacher at the age of 17, the teacher be please by the Gu house to take hair to practice moral teachings into the Long Cui An after pass away, but she"desire Jie once Jie, cloud empty not definitely empty", Liu's maternal grandmother once drank of cup, she suspicion dirty, don't , but drink to the treasure jade of cup is oneself daily use of beryl Dou.Treasure jade birthday, she specially the parties person send to the copy book of "Kan outsider wonderful jade respectful Su Yao Kou Fang Chen".Empress the Gu mansion wither, she be use by the strong person enticing the joss-stick be stuffy to pour*dirty, hold for ransom but go to.

The elder sister
The gold Ling is 12 one of the Chais, Gu Lian and WangXi Feng's daughter.Because living at the beginning of July seven, the Liu maternal grandmother call "Qiao elder sister" for her.Qiao elder sister the life be ample since the childhood, is Hao door daughter.But wither in the Gu mansion, Wang2 Xi Feng4 be clay-cold, uncle Wang2 Ren2 and Gu wreath want to sell her and the Fan Wang2 Zuo4's maid servant, at the emergency, luckily Liu maternal grandmother help, disguise her dress up to take out a great view park.The empress marry to a Xing4 Zhou's landlord.

WangXi Feng
The gold Ling is 12 one of the Chaises, the wife of Gu Lian, Wang's madam of inside niece.Long Zhao a pair of Dan Feng triangle eye, two curved the Shao eyebrow of Liu3 Ye4 Diao4, the amount of body be slender and the physical stature be coquettish.She is shrewd and capable, enjoy Gu the trust of the mother and Wang's madam and become a Gu mansion of actual big servant.She Gao Ju4 is on the Gu mansion several 100 peoples and persons' servant throne, eloquence and Wei power be her Chan top under the deceit of weapon, lay hands on power and Qie to accumulate wealth is her purpose.Her pole exert political strategy machine to change, cruel mean ability matter, although the Gu Rui be this kind of Wan Ý√ sons death doesn't expiate all his crimes, "poison establish to long for a bureau" also it is thus clear that it revenge of ruthlessness. "Play politics the temple of iron Kan" bribe for the sake of 3,002 silvers and force the son double double of Zhang Jia's daughter and the some fielding commit suicide.YouErJie and she the embryo in the stomach be also harmed dead in the most deceitful and the most cruel way by WangXi Feng.She openly enounce °√ "I never letter what Yin department hell retribution of, with what matter, I say line line!"She is extreme and greedy, in addition to obtain bribe, return*the Zhao be late hair the office expenses month example to lend money for interest, light the turn over one is several 100 even top thousand of the body of the silver F benefit money.Copy 5710000 gold and 1 box to lend a coupon from the inside of her house while seize entire family belongs.Wang2 Xi Feng4's make for, doubtless is at acceleration wither of Gu house, end come to an end of" the organization calculate to the utmost too cleverness, anti- calculate the life of Qing Qing".

Qin can Qing
Qin can Qing, the gold Ling be 12 one of the Chaises, the wife of Gu Rong.She is a camp to repair department card shark Qin2 Bang Ye4 the daughter who adopt is from the health hall, childhood name can son, name and the United States.She grow delicate and graceful and delicate, the personality be romantic, behaviour again gentleness peace, enjoy Gu mother wait for someone of joyful.But grandfather Gu Jean and her relation ambiguity, cause it young die prematurely.

The elder sister
The gold Ling is 12 one of the Chais, Gu Lian and WangXiFeng's daughter.Because living at the beginning of July seven, the Liu maternal grandmother call "Qiao elder sister" for her.Qiao elder sister the life be ample since the childhood, is Hao door daughter.But wither in the Gu mansion, Wang2 Xi Feng4 be clay-cold, uncle Wang2 Ren2 and Gu wreath want to sell her and the Fan Wang2 Zuo4's maid servant, at the emergency, luckily Liu maternal grandmother help, disguise her dress up to take out a great view park.The empress marry to a Xing4 Zhou's landlord.

Qu Jiang Park

You can have a rest!

This is the roof there

the stone lion

Classic wall

Strange tree



We are running


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