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Taounate city

Taounate city that small old town betwen the mountains always high toward the sky
as saying : "small is beautiful"

AMDI is the Manabea Association of Integrated Development. It the association which always care that Taounate city still proud and go up toward growth and prosperity specialy in the school field.

The New Taounate is the recent profil of taounate city which decend from the mountain toward the vast plains

Taounate is the most beautiful city in the north of Morocco. The first Olympic medal offered to Morocco in the Olympic Games of Rôme 1960 was the work of Abdeslam Radi the great sport man of Taounate

Abdeslam Radi the Great sportman of Taounate city

The first Olympic medal offered to Morocco in the Olympic Games of Rôme 1960 was the work of Abdeslam Radi the great sportman of Taounate city. He was also the first morocan athlete which gained the titles of the cross-country (current championship of the world) in Glasgow (Scotland in 1960) and in Spain.

Mohammed Laaroussi is the most known singer in Taounate and Morocco.
Under the rhythm of his violin "kamanja" everybody dance with a great joy.
The artist develop an exceptional style of music called "mountain music"
which is an original music !

The area of Alachaich and Hjar Mabed is the cradle of the savage pig. In the drill and the mountains of the area the population natives organize, for time to time, a kind of hunting for the wild cocoon which sometimes cause enormous dégats and destroyed the agricultural products.

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Taounate center the middle of taounate city

For going seightseeing and walking somewhere around Taounateland

Taounate is a quiet city

Sometimes the snow visit Taounate and the winter become so wonderful in spite of the cold

Taounate become the paradis in spring

All the fan of "Fantazia" visit the lander of Tissa the cradle of horses in Taounate

Bouadel is the the source of natural and minirale water in Taounate

Somewhre in Taounate city

Taounate snow

The river of Ourgha is cut with that of Asra river and form the largest river in Taounate on which is built the most "dam of Alwahda" one of the biggest in Africa.

Elhema-River Boulvard the great space walk in the district of Ouedelhema.
It's the space of footing and Taounate far away

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