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Ireland and its history
Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland (a part of the United Kingdom). Population: 6.4 million.

1) Fingal (239,813)
2) Dublin City (1,045,769)
3) Dún Laoghaire- Rathdown (194,038)
4) South Dublin (246,935)
5) Wicklow (114,719)
6) Wexford (116,543)
7) Carlow (45,845)
8) Kildare (163,995)
9) Meath (133,936)
10) Louth (101,802)
11) Monaghan (52,772)
12) Cavan (56,416)
13) Longford (31,127)
14) Westmeath (72,027)
15) Offaly (63,702)
16) Laois (58,732)
17) Kilkenny (80,421)
18) Waterford City
19) Waterford (101,518)
20) Cork City (119,418)
21) Cork (448,181)
22) Kerry (132,424)
23) Limerick (175,529)
24) Limerick City (91,454)
25) South Tipperary (88,433)
26) North Tipperary (70,322)
27) Clare (103,333)
28) Galway (208,826)
29) Galway City (78,414)
30) Mayo (117,428)
31) Roscommon (53,803)
32) Sligo (58,178)
33) Leitrim (25,815)
34) Donegal (137,383)
thats Irelands coat of arms, its of a harp because yeasrs ago it ireland harpists worked for rich men and women at various events, every year there is the belfast harp festival where people go to show off there skills thanks to edward bunting! This symbol of a harp is on our currency too,
The euro €
In Ireland the government is a democracy, and we have both a president and a prime minister!
<--- he is the president of Ireland, his name is Michael. D. Higgins. He was elected into parliament on the 11/11/11!
<--- he is our prime minister, his name is Enda Kenny. he was elected into parliament on the 25/2/12!
this building is the government building where they discuss political issues with a group of politicians. it is called the Dáil.
this is the Dáil chamber, this is where the most important topics are discussed with the prime minister. people can sit and listen to the debates behind a thick glass behind the chamber.
this is Arás an Uachtarán,the house of the irish president.
Learn some Irish!
My name is - Is mise.... or Is anim.... (pronounced iss misha and Iss an im)
how are you? Conas atá tú? (cun awes at aw two) I am good thanks- Tá mé go maith gur raibh maith agat ( T awh m aye gu maw th guur rayv maw oggut) I am not good- Níl mé go maith (kneel may guu maw)

numbers! Uimhricha (iv ree cha)
One - Aon (Ay on)
Two- Do (duh o)
three- trí (tree)
four - ceathair ( kea huh are)
five- cuig ( cooh eeg)
six- sé (shay)
seven- seacht (shee ucht)
eight- ocht (ugh ct)
nine- naoi (knee)
ten - deich (dee eye ch)

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