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¡°Hanfu¡±-the Han nationality traditional dress
In the Ming dynasty of China before the traditional dress has been hanfu, and during the tang dynasty hanfu affected Japan. Vietnam£¬Korea and other countries£¬the Ming dynasty hanfu affected the South Korea, but the Ming dynasty perish, entering the qing dynasty (in qing dynasty manchu rule), the ruler forced the national shave hair change clothes, killed many protesters, since then, thousands of years of history have influence multinational hanfu is extermination, now many young people launched a campaign, restore fathers to our valuable wealth, don't let everyone only stay in "braid" "cheongsam" concept.

Chinese wedding

China period of tang dynasty in the world is a period of prosperity, and the dress of tang dynasty, culture, and affected many Asian countries, such as Japan, Vietnam and so on

The Ming dynasty, the queen's clothing-----Hanfu

Chinese tea

traditional Chinese fan

traditional Chinese umbrella

It shows the women at Tang Dynasty


The Queen's crown of Ming dynasty

The Tang Dynasty woman

¡°Hanfu¡±--the Han nationality traditional dress


Traditional wedding

Traditional wedding

traditional musical instruments¡°pipa¡±

If you want to know chinese culture,you must be learn chinese nationality's culture,In particular Han £¬because it has most people in the world and it created many culture.In China£¬there is 56
nationality£¬we are all chinese£¬we all love our country and our cultures is colorful.And I think chinese people are kindhearted and honest people£¬and China has its own special East culture£¬it different from other cutures.So welcome to learn Chinese culture£¬welcome to China£¡such as Kungfu£¬traditional Chinese medical science£¬history£¬Humanities culture£¬chinese and Chinese Calligraphy and so on..

A drama about of the han dynasty

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