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Welcome to the Irish Web page!

Fact 1: Ireland drinks the most tea in the world.

Fact 2: Most people in Ireland are Irish.

Attention, this is not a fact.
Sites of Ireland.

The Ha'penny Bridge.

A hotel on the River Shannon.

Giants Causeway.
The Animals of Ireland.

If your from Ulster your a Fish.

If your from Connaught your a Bear.

If your from Munster your a Lion.

If your from Leinster your a Dog.

If your from a different country then your a Frog.

What is kcormahs?

It's Shamrock spelled backwards.

Ireland's best known drink is Guinness.
Squirrel's love it.
Just kidding !

A crazy Irish King.
Watch these Irish Cartoons.

An Irish Ant.

A dancing Leprechaun.

Growing Shamrocks.

Irish dancing Teddy Bear.
Attention, this is not a Irish cartoon.

Thanks for visiting my Webpage!

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