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Welcome you !

Firstly ,introduce myself,I am a chinese girl who is interested in different cultures, it is my pleasure to let you know more about China.
foreigners from Canada

Dr. Norman Bethune

Chinese people will remember him forever..

Hey do you know the man with yellow hair,LOL,many ,almost every Chinese know him,Mark Rowswell,his Chinese name is 大山,maybe,Big Mountain in Chinese,Hah. It is true he can speak very well chinese,and he can even play an old chinese art--XiangSheng.(you can google it if don't know what it means) We like him ,and hope that more lovely foreigners can learn Chinese,one of the most beautiful languages in the world.
So,here is the Italian part..

Marco Polo

Very famous, I think the earlies knowledge you knew about China were from him..

A film about him

“泰西大儒”利玛窦(Matteo Ricci)

a book about him,who introduced Wesrern cultures to China


He is a reporter from USA,and he sttrugled for China's freedom for 13 years together with all the suffered chinese ! He wrote many books about China.All the chinese will honor him forever.

A place he once lived


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