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Camp Kennelworth is a wonderful place to go on camp!Located just off Deception Bay in Queensland,Camp Kennelworth has hosted over 40 School Camps!People travel far and wide to experience the wonders of this marvellous destination!As you can see in the picture above,there is a horse and three girls.I too have experienced the wonders of Camp Kennelworth.There are so many wonderful activities at the camp such as:Horse Riding,Gold Panning,A Water Slide Into A Lake,Amazing Dining Experience and so much more!If You do ever get the chance to visit Queensland if you arent here already this a great destination to visit!

Tracy Beaker Is a great kids fortnightly Australian magazine.It comes with art and other cool things in each issue.Tracy Beaker is a young 12 yrs girl who is orphaned and tells her story about everything going on in each issue.There are fun activities you can do and she even has her own which is really cool.
The Whitsudays Island!
Ok,so you have always dreamt of seeing the Whitsundays right?Well Here are some tips on what is around this area.

The Whitsundays Island is a great place for a holiday destination.It's so peaceful and calm-the sea is so blue and clear you can see right down to the sandy bottom.Speaking of sand Whitsundays beaches are wonderful!Almost like a dream too good to be true with the sand being so white and clean that you would'nt belive your eyes!

Just get your google search engine going with the word "Whitsundays" and look for a holiday site that will give you great boating trips and hotels to stay at!There are even sleeping in boats!
Top 20 Australian Holiday Destinations!

1.Whitsudays!Topping the list this truly is the PERFECT destination!

2.Morton Bay Island!The island is famour with movies being made here more often!The main movie made almost fully was Scooby-Doo!Morton Bay was filled in as the park "Spooky Island"

3.Gold Coast!Having Australias most major theme parks with new rides added most of the time everybody goes here!H2O: Just Add Water is the newest series to be made and filmed in the Gold Coast with Sea World taking feature rolls occasionly!

4.North Lakes!The Newest edition to Queensland 07 is now a housing area with three major schools turning into a wonderful community!





9.Bribie Island!





14.Brunswick Street!

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