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Cape Town, South Africa

Here u can learn about Cape Town, South Africa !

This is a map of south africa. Cape Town is right at the bottom.

In the medieval Times most of the people in that area belived in witchcraft and magic.

I love this pic. There are no WILD cheeahs in cape town but there are many in captivity that u can watch and sometimes pet

EVERYONE has a dog over there as pets but also as a gard dog since there are alot of crimes over there.

This is table mountain it has that name because from far away it looks flat like a table.
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There are baboons everywhere there. They are so cute but can be very dangerous and are starting to cause problems by breaking into peoples houses or attaking people for food.

This is the frount of my school there, see not much different from the ones anywhere else !
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You ever heard of AMERICAN IDOL well they have A SOUTH ARFICAN IDOL too !

There are so many cool beaches and loads of sea life but the water is FREEZING !

There are lots of cars there too just as much as anywhere else.

They have most of the same brands like ROXY, Quicksilver, Volcom, Billabong, Hurley and lots others too but mostly Surf and Skate brands.

This is the flag !South Africas Native people are black like the girl in this pic. but there are alot of white people to and even a little other races like Asian. The only Race you probolly wont find are Mexican.

In some places there are not to many strret lights so the stars are real bright and really really cool !

They have alot of the same shows as we do, like SPONGEBOB !

Cape town is RIGHT at the bottom of africa

Almost everyone in South Africa surfs !

One of their biggest sports are crickett !

Another big sport is rugby !!

There are lots of farms over there !

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