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I read some funny stereotypes about my country (CANADA) so I decided to make a blog to tell you what's real and what's not. So enjoy and leave comments I will reply! Feel free to ask questions :)
All Canadians live in igloos.
Well, I live in Canada and I've never seen an igloo and I don't know anybody who lives in one.
We live in houses just like the ones in USA.


Canadian houses

There's snow all year in Canada.
Maybe for the North Pole it's true. But almost nobody lives there. Where most of the population lives, there's snow from December to April (approximative). During summer there are days that it's 30C outside.


A beach in Canada
Canadians use dog sleds for transportation.
People who ride a dog sled, do it only for fun. Nobody uses dog sleds for transportation in cities. We have cars just like anybody else.

Dog sled

Some cars in Canada
Canadians ride polar bears.
Ok, this one is very funny. Polar bears are dangerous, you can't ride them. Plus, they live in the north pole, so there are no polar bears in canadian cities.

Polar bears

If you want to see a polar bear in a Canadian city, go to the zoo.
There's no electricity or running water in Canada.
This one is totally false. There's running water in Canada and we have electricity as well. We even have hydroelectricity which is a good thing for environment.

Place with no electricity

One of Hydro-Quebec dam
All Canadian cops ride horses instead of cars.
I assume that there are some in Canada, but I've never seen one for real. Most of the police officers drive cars.

Police on horses

Canadian police car
Canadian cops wear red military pattern tunic.
That red uniform is only worn in special occasions and ceremonies, other than that, they wear normal uniforms just like any cops in the USA. Also, that red uniform is only worn by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) other police agencies do not wear that.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police during a ceremony

Canadian police officer


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