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Brazil.....what you never see....

Greetings.............I'm a Brazilian girl and I will show you the Brazil that nobody knows

Tell me truth. You ever heard about the Brazilian mountains or about the island of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis? I think so. Everyone knows Brasil just about the Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, and the football, but Brazil has a lot of beautiful sights that I will show you. Let's go

This is the "Morro da Igreja" where is the "Pedra Furada" in the mountains of Uribici - Santa Catarina.

You've probably heard of Ton Jobin, Ivete Sangalo, and Roberto Carlos, (they are great Brazilian musicians), but new bands that are emerging in Brazil are taking care of the piece. "Happy Rock" is a new style of music here in Brazil is almost a Rock "live" without heavy beats as the name says is a "happpy Rcok." It was invented by the band "Restart", I think that more are doing success among teenagers in Brazil

You can listen their music.



"Bonito" is a city in Mato Grosso do Sul, pole ecotourism worldwide, its main attractions are its natural landscapes, the dips in rivers of clear waters, waterfalls, caves, caverns and sinkholes. It is the main activity of the region long ago, besides being in constant evolution seeking minimal interference in nature. Beautiful brings together teams, companies, NGOs and government agencies that seek to organize and coordinate ecotourism, always seeking local sustainability and nature conservation.

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