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Views of British Columbia (BC)

This is a pictures of the town I live in (actually I live ten minutes outside of it.) It is the City of Enderby, and very samll, about 3000 people. I go to school there.

this is a picture of the cliffs that over look enderby, they are great for hiking and the view from the top is amazing, you can look out over the whole valley, whenever I seen them I think of home.

just a nother picture of the cliffs

this is a picture of my high school. A.L.Fortune senior secondary school. It's a small school with just over 400 kids, but it's a great place to go to school.

this is a picture of the lake I live by, it's name is Mabel Lake, every summer me and my family go camping here for a week, surronded by mountains and water, it's beautiful

They have just recently built a beautiful golf courses and out in an air strip with tons of condos it is very nice, But I don't like all the big development that is going on, pretty soon it will be a small town.

Every 5 years me and my family travel to Alberta, Canada to go to a family reunion, Alberta is great and all, but I get home sick of not seeing any mountains, and when we go home the rockies are such a welcoming site. Huge giant, and yes, rocky mountains almost blocking out the sky.

After I graduate this year I want to go to Vancouver island and see the ocean again. I've been to the ocean once before when I was a little girl and I loved looking for star fish and sand dollars and clams and all sorts of stuff and I've always wanted to see a killer whale

This is a pictures of some killer whales off the coast of vancouver island

There is also tons of wildlife in BC, here are a few pictures

now I know this doesn't have much to do with the views of BC but I just had to put this in, this is my favorite hockey teamin the NHL. their not the best team, but their the home team, from BC, the Vancouver Canucks. With some awsome players like Marcus Nasland, The Sedin Twins, Dan Cloutier, and my favorite, Todd Bertuzzi!

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