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the bahamas

the national anthem

sun set in the bahamas. it is very beautiful.

the map of the bahamas

the bahamas flag; black;people blue;water yellow;sun blue;sky.

the national symbols

this a pic of a beach with pink sand in eleuthera.

this is the dock by the beach in rum cay.
schools and hotels in the bahamas

primary school in queens collage kindergarten- grade 6

high school ; grade 7 - grade 12

uriah mcphee primary school kindergarten - grade 6

summit academy

the bahamas has a lot of schools like d.davis / kingsway / and collage of the bahamas.

a school for children who are blind.



so cute

british colonial hilton hotel in nassau

inside the hotel

sheraton hotel located on cable beach in nassau.

inside the hotel
foods / junkanoo and places to go and shop.

the hermitage / mt. alvernia in cat island

the blue hole in andros.


fort montagu

fort fincastle

fort charlotte
houses in the bahamas.

the queens staircase

bahamian money now

bahamian money then 1968

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