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Azerbaijan's National Anthem

Today, the National Anthem that Hajibeyov originally composed for the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan in 1918-1920 was re-adopted by the new Republic in 1991. In commemoration of Hajibeyov's 110th Anniversary, we join in celebrating this great composer's memory by publishing here for the first time in the history of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the full piano harmonization of the National Anthem as written by Hajibeyov and arranged by Aydin Azimov.

Lyrics by Ahmad Javad

Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
Cherished land of valiant sons,
We are ready to give our heart and soul for you.
All of us can give our blood for you.
Live happily with your three colored banner.
Live happily with your three colored banner.

Thousands of souls were sacrificed for you
Your territory became a fighting arena.
Soldiers who deprived themselves of their lives
Each of them became a hero.

May you become a flourishing garden.
We are ready to give our heart and soul for you.
A thousand and one endearments are in my heart.
To raise your banner
And protect your honor
All the youth are eager.
Cherished land. Cherished land.
Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!


Baku (Azerbaijani: Bakı, in full: Bakı şəhəri - The Baku City), sometimes known as Baky or Baki, is the capital and the largest city of Azerbaijan.

Culture monuments of Baku


Baku's name is thought to orginate from one of two Persian phrases: Bagh-Kuh ("Mount of God") and bad kube ("city of winds"). Claudius Ptolemy used the names Barukh and Gaytaru, one of which is considered to refer Baku. In sources of V-VI centuries BC Baku is called Bagavan and Baguan.

The history of Baku dates back to 1st millennium BCE, first written reference to Baku dates from 885 CE. Archaeologists have found remains of a settlement dating several centuries before the Common Era. The city was the location of an important fire temple of the Persian religion of Zoroastrianism, which was prevalent before the Islamic conquest of Iran
Oil boom
Since 1873 an oil belt of Baku began to be formed which was known as a Black City. Within a short period of time departments and representations of Swiss, English, French, Belgian, German and American firms were established in Baku, among them were the firms of the Nobels and Rothschilds. By the beginning of the XX century almost half of the oil reserves in the world had been extracted in Baku.

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