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just my marvelous country 2 :)

Hi , first of all this is the second site that i created in here! i hope u will like them !
in this site , i am showing the some places from Antalya :)

the map of Turkey :)

a view from Antalya

the boy is not me :)

gr8 shape it has!

it is perfect especially thinking it in the winter during the bad weather ! and how about thinking near the sea and reading your book and sunbathing!!ah ah i miss these days much in winter!!

again the same feeling !! poor me !!

the marvelous view from Antalya

^^^^^^^^ blue blue blue blue ^^^^^^^^
i like blue :)

the view about the geographical thing . i dont know its name ! but as far as my knowledge about geography , it is FALEZ :) so sorry for writing it in turkish ! but i dont know its english name :)

from the mountain to the ships , it is perfect!! of course the flag is as well :)

the streets :)

some people who are tasting the beauty in there!

isnt it like the paradise?

^^^^^^^^ the paradise ^^^^^^^^

the view you see right now is one of the cool places from Antalya ! it is saklękent ! its water is very very cold !! and the water flows among the mountain!

it is from saklękent , as well

^^^^^^^^ saklękent again ^^^^^^^^
^^^^^^^^ WaiT MY oTHeR SiTeS aBouT TuRKeY ^^^^^^

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