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i`m annuar from sabah.........

i`m Bajau but still can understand english but not very good. i also can speak in malay...

i live at tuaran.

i like to have penpals from all over the world.

about SABAH

SABAH is one of states in malaysia which located at Borneo island.
it differ from other states because there are more than 10 ethnics live here.
dusun, bajau, sungai, kadazandusun, murut, iranun, rungus, bajau laut, kedayan, bisaya etc...
SABAH is a beautiful place b`coz it rich with flora and fauna.
there are 4 main cities in SABAH such as Kota kinabalu, Sandakan,Kudat and Tawau.
SABAH known as a 'land below the wind'


sabah tanah air ku,
negeri kita yang tercinta,
pemuda pemudi semua marilah,
bangunlah bersatu semua,
marilah bersama serta maju jaya,
merdeka sepanjang masa,
bersatu segala bangsa sentosa,
sabah negeri merdeka.

pride of sabah 1 (Mount Kinabalu)

Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in southeast asia.
the legend said that once there is a dragon live at the peak of mount kinabalu.
every year the villagers that live near mount kinabalu will sacrifice a chicken in order to prevent them or tourists from evil spirits.

pride of sabah 2 (Universiti of Mlaysia Sabah (UMS)

UMS has the most beautiful landscape in Malaysia.
for more info you all can visit

interesting places of sabah (poring hot spring)

poring hot spring.........

tip of borneo....

festival of sabah

pesta keaamatan

pesta keaamatan will be celebrated every year on 31st may. it is also known as a harvest festival. actually, it is a festivel that celebrate by the dusun. during this festival, there will be a competition known as unduk ngadau.

unduk ngadau is like miss world competition in which the dusun will select the most beautiful and intelegent woman among them to be an unduk ngadau. based on the dusun stroy, unduk ngadau is a woman that sacrifice herself in order to bring happiness for the dusun. because of that, the dusun respect her a lots.

tamu besar sabah

(still in progress)

kota kinabalu city


culture of sabah

cowboy of borneo

they are bajau ethnic that live at kota belud area. they known as cowboy of borneo because their skill in riding horse.

bajau tradisional custume

kadazandusun from papar area
learn bajau words:

Family, Grandmother
(keluarga), (yang to oh)

Elder brother

elder sister,
(akak), Younger brother/sister

Father, Elder brother/sister
(e ma`/emboh), (sioko)

Mother, Son
(ie ya`/yang), (anak dela)

Grandfather, Daughter
(ma` to oh), (anak dendo)


mystery of sabah

Wanna see a ghost?

First of all, this is only a tip. I`m not asking you to try it and it won`t be my responsibility if you do it. I`m here just telling you a story.

Okay, let’s start. Of course there are many ways to see a ghost based on different culture. However in sabah especially for bajau there is an easier way to a see ghost by which you only need to walk by holding your pillow like you carrying a baby at the place that you suitable enough for you to see a ghost. Of course, it must be at the midnight.

One of my friend have tried it when we still in the school. He carried his pillow around the hostel. Then, when he came back to us, he looked so panics and told us that when he arrived at the corner of the hostel, suddenly his pillow getting heavy and he can see someone face on that pillow.

Anyway, he did it because we challenge him. ……

i hope you enjoy visiting my blog

by the way i`ll upgrade my blog every week so don`t miss it out to see many pictures and stories about sabah also to learn bajau words.

see you.....

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