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Hi my name is Angus, I am 7 years old. I live in Victoria Australia. I have a little brother called Isaac, you may not recognise me in the photo, because my hair is now shorter.

My favourite colour: red;
My favourite book: "The Twits", by Rohl Dahl;
My favourite movie: "Star Wars - The Revenge of the Sith";
My favourit ball game: soccer.

I love to play my playstation sometimes, my favouite game is Star Wars Lego II - the original trilogy.
My family and I are about to go overseas, we are going to the United States, Mexico, Ireland and England. If you want to know what I am doing please visit my blog.

I have been to Disneyland and Legoland. At Legoland i got a Lego drivers license at the driving school is called Volvo.


Here is me driving at legoland and getting my official licence.
In the United States Barrack Obama became the 44th President, I watched it live on on TV. He is the first African American President this is a very important thing for the Americans. I saw five Presidents on the stage during the inauguration. A long time ago in the USA before the 1960's some black people could not go on buses with white people or eat in the same restaurants. Barrack Obama is the first black President and in the past white people used to have black people as slaves, this does not happen in the USA any more. A man called Dr Martin Luther King helped free black Americans.

I went to the Knott's Bery farm. I went on a few rides that went upside down. I went on a ride and it feels like your spine is about to break as it really hurts, I wasn't going to go on the 300ft ride, it was too scary. But at Disneyland I went the Malboomer and it dropped 100 ft about 60 metres and I went on it by myself.

I went Alcatraz it is an old jail. Three men escaped from the rock and where never found, they might have been eaten by sharks, don't worry it was a long time ago. We have also been to two aquariums in San Fransisco and Isaac wanted to get in with the fish, he loved it. I have been on lots of cable cars which are like trams, I saw a tram from Melbourne. The hills here are the steepest you will ever see. Today I went on a bus that went on land and in the water, I saw the home of the San Fransisco Baseball Team.angus

When I went to Disneyland I saw Mickey Mouse and I saw him in his house. We are in New York right now and the snow is getting in my nose and in my eyes, it is very cold outside but very warm inside and when you take your gloves off it feels like your hands are very small.

I went to see where part of Toy Story was made, it was Al's Toy Store in the second moovie. Most kids do not know what the movie Big is, but it was also made at the same toy store with a giant piano.

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