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Han Chinese:traditional Chinese clothes

It's the significant cultural symbol of Chinese civilization, and it has had a long history for nearly 5000 years since China originally began.
It is really beautiful to wear but nowadays,not everyone likes it because it's a little hard to wear and expensive.
The main feature of Hanfu is wrapping the right side over before the left. There are casual wear and formal wear of it.
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Hello:你好(ni hao)

Nice to see you :很高兴见到你(hen gao xing jian dao ni)

Goodbye :再见(zai jian)

Goodnight :晩安(wan an)

Good morning :早上好(zao shang hao)

You are beautiful :你真美(ni zheng mei)

How are you :你怎么样(ni zen me yang)

I am fine :我很好(wo hen hao)

What about you:你呢(ni ne)

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