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Welcome to my Hawaiian Page. We act differently than most places. All people of the island is either a cousin, uncle, aunty, braddah or sista.

Here is my school

Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is beautiful. It is nice to live on. Everyone is friends or family here. We like to camp, hike, and play on the beach here. We have black sand beaches. Lots of us like to surf. Here is a picture of our beaches.

We speak several languages here. Some are English, Hawaiian, and local pidgin. Here are a few links on how we talk.
We like to dress aloha and play.

We like to watch our 'aunties' dance

We like to watch our 'uncles' dance too

We dress up in Aloha wear on special days

Dads and Uncles dress up too

We all wear slippers every day!

Moms and Aunties like flowery dresses

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