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Hi, Guys! Nice to meet you! I'm Mia.
Now, I'm going to introduce you about my country, Korea!

Capital of Korea, Seoul

Korea's national animal

The rose of Sharon,
national flower of Korea

Pine tree,
A tree symbols Korea

Korean alphabet,
Hangul consists of 14 consonants and 10
vowels. It was designated as National
Treasure in UNESCO's Memory of the world

Korean script.
'The honest sound to teach people'

Korea's currenc,

Joseon Dynasty's currency

Korea's nation flag,
Taegeukgi was first made in 1882.
The Taegukgi symbolizes peace, harmony and humanism.
Taegeukgi has a white background, a red and blue taegeuk mark in the middle, and four black trigrams in each corner. The "Tae-Guk" Sign, which is the red and blue circular sign in the middle, represent the harmony of Yin and Yang. This symbolizes the providence of nature that the Universe is created in the order of Yin and Yang.In the corners of the Taegeukgi, there are four sets of three bars, some broken and some unbroken, which are called 'gwae'. They are called "Gun", "Gon", "Gam", and "Li".


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