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welcome in some French towns and exceptional activities !!!
Hello, thanks for coming to see my blog. I’m French and my English is not very good. Sorry for the faults... But I want that everyone can understand what I write.
Good visit..........

Bonjour à tous, merci de venir voir mon blog. Je suis Français et mon anglais n’est pas très bon. Pardon pour les fautes… Mais je veux que tout le monde puisse comprendre ce que j’écris.
Bonne visite……….

Lille is the metropolis of my area (northern of France). This city was capital European on the culture in 2004. During this year, Lille offered superb spectacles to us! For tourism, the downtown and the malls are to appointment. The best moment to visit this city remains December because there are many installations.

City not to be missed.
Paris is the capital of France. This city has splendid places: the Effel tower, the triumphal arch, the Louvre.... In short, there are many visits to make. For the tourists, it’s the first destination, you don’t have twists. Art and the history are appointment but the noise is also present....

Tennis is a sport which was reserved for richest during a long moment. Today, he is accessible to everyone. This is valid in the near total of the world and it’s splendid... ^___^ For me, the great champions of the moment are the undeniable : Federer and Nadal. But I add a French: Gaël Monfils which has the heart of a great champion, I think... What do you think about you??
China is a so attractive and so beautiful country. The culture of this country is very different from the European culture. This country keeps the custom, the festivals... whereas Europeans forget them... The Chinese population is very accessible (thank you kaya to make me share your culture ^_____^!) Precipitate on this marvellous country!

Clusaz is a town of high Savoy where I spend my holidays. This town is resting and has great landscapes. It’s in this station that I learned the paraglading. There are marvellous sites to visit and fly over in summer and winters... It’s a super village!
The dream of the man is to fly. Since mythology, the man seeks to carry out this dream with much trouble. Today, everyone can fly! The paraglading is accessible to everyone and this sport is very releasing: there is no noise in the sky, except that of the wind... Stroll and acrobatics are possible. Happiness is a appointment!
A council: Take your takeoff!

Annecy is a Savoyard town of France. This town has two aspects: the lake and the mountain. The lake allow to escape as on the sea and the mountain allow to keep the height. All the conditions are join for the pleasure of the eyes. Very beautiful walks are to be realized in this releasing town and on the lake!

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welcome in some French towns and exceptional activities !!! (Countries of the World)    -    Author : virtuamoi - France

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