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Have you ever seen this?

Maneki Neko---"Beckoning Cat"
also known as Lucky Cat, Money Cat or Fortune Cat,
which is believed to give good luck to the owner.
You can see Maneki Neko displayed in stores, restaurants, and also my house *hehe*.
A raised right paw supposedly attracts money, while a raised left paw attracts customers.


The Bullet Train at the maximum speed of 285 kms/h!
This type of Shinkansen (Series 700) is unique in the nose shape designed on aerodynamics.


It doesn't have a diner car.
Enjoy "Ekiben" at your seat.
(Boxed lunch)

Do you like Ayumi Hamasaki?
It's a big surprise for me that she is well-known in other countries.
Actually in Japan she is also a fashion-leader not only a music-leader.

Ayu and her boyfriend Tomoya Nagase("TOKIO")

"TOKIO" is a Japanese pop-group.
Their TV show "Tetsuwan-Dash" is very popular.
Many Japanese love this TV show even if they never listen to "TOKIO" music.

Ayu in Kimono

This is a hotel room full of Pocket Monsters.
A friend of mine stayed here and gave me these pictures. (Thanks Nao!)

If you are a great fan of Pokemon, also visit my friend's webpage :

If you are lucky, you can move with Pikachu and his friends between the cities in Japan.

View from inside

ONE PIECE (premium figures)
Last X'mas weeks in Japan, we got a free figure for every we bought.

If you want to see another face of Japan : click here to visit my traditional "Japan"

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