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Hello everybody !!!First,a picture of me! My name is Aurély and i'm a french girl of 18 years old.i live in a little city in france called rombas! i love penpalling,so if you're interested to become friend with me,write to me !!!!

My travels...
My favourite region in France: Alsace!!! it's so wonderful and sweet!!
Here, a picture of Stasbourg!!! It's a bridge and a place called " petite france" (small france)it's so peaceful there...

Eguisheim, a wonderful small city...

Colmar...and the beautiful balad like in Venezia... :)

Nice...beautiful city, beautiful holidays, and beautiful beach...

Mandelieu, a sweet small town near Nice.. czech republic!!! i would like so much to go there!! :( it's my natural country..

My favouite animal: Tiger!!! a lot of puissance and beauty for this majesty !!

Orange tiger...

Here it's the Eiffel tower in Paris! i've already visited this big town some times.the last time was in december...a beautiful view...

in paris again! it's the famous cathedral like the famous book of Victor Hugo: Notre Dame de Paris !!

I live in Lorraine, a region of the norden east from the france,not far from the german frontier!Metz is a big city near the mine!it's very beautiful,nice and cool.

Here, we can see the cathedral of Metz! a great monument !! i love it!! what do you think ? ;-)

Now i'im going to present to you my little town! it's called Rombas and there are only 11 000 people there.i love my town beacause it's a kind and silent's the town center on the pic :)

Rombas again :) my lovely city...

about me..i have a lot of hobbies! i love writting, reading, poetry, drawing, shopping, travelling, making friend, foreign languages, computer games, surfing on the web, animals, nature, cinema, music...

so, my web's page is finnished.i hope it pleased to you...please write to me for comment my blog, or if you want to be my new penpal !!! ;-)

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