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Welcome to our Great Britain

Welcome to Great Britain/The United Kingdom, we are a small island within western Europe and we are a well known and friendly nation.

Great Britain is an ever growing multi cultural society with various cultural backgrounds joining our wonderful country each day.
Our country is ran by Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip. The government itself is ran by the political parties that vote each year to gain control of the country, so far in 2013 we are being led in a joint coalition with the conservative party and the liberal democrats, and our minister is David Cameron.

The UK itself around the world is well known for its old historic towns, it's people, the British accent which is described as 'Posh' in some areas, our acres upon acres of forests and open lands and finaly our history and television.

The UK to areas such as Asia is loved for our distinct accent, language and our programs such as 'Sherlock Holmes'.

Here in the UK our time zone is the Greenwich Meantime and we are usually asleep as the rest of the world wakes.

We are a very open and loving country towards other cultures and we give open arms to those who come and visit, across the country we have various areas purposely set out for various cultural backgrounds to feel at home and somewhere they can get produce they are used to, but also so us British can explore your food and culture !!!!

We are a very busy nation working constantly but also knowing when to take a break and have some fun !!

People always get confused on our education system here as we are set out very differently, first as a young child we will head into 'Nursery' where we begin our first years, next we move onto primary school where we spend a large amount of time preparing the various skills for the next stage of exams. We then move onto 'Secondary school', here we spend the last of our school years taking up languages, literacy, numeracy and various other subjects of our career choice. We leave compulsory education by 16 and move onto 'College', and here we specify in a certain career area and gain 'A level' awards and lots of knowledge if we choose to become skilled in a career.

Finally we can decide to gain degrees and PHD's in university, but not everyone chooses this as there are fees to take up courses, however Medical courses are paid for by the NHS.

And that is pretty much it :D

For me i am 18 years old and i am currently in college studying Health and social care extended diploma so i can move onto my children's nursing, after this i will hopefully study at medical school abroad in Asia (China/Japan) to get my PHD.

I am super friendly, i have a strong and very British accent, i'm often described as a typical 1920's gentleman and i dress smart always ~(^.^)~ I love Asian culture, music, films and the people too !!!

I hope to meet an Asian girl one day. I love food and i would love to travel XD

I am originally from the city but now i live in the countryside where it is usually cold :D

Feel free to message me if you want to talk or learn more XD I'm very friendly ''

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