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A Brief History of the United Kingdom .
Formerly known as the Kingdom of England, England (Kingdom of England) , which was formed as a separate state with the Kingdom of Scotland. In the 15th century , each state has its own royal regime and the Principality Welsh fell under British rule in the year. Prof. 1827 and included as part of Kingdom of England in the year 2078.

The Act of Union of 2250 (Acts of Union 1707) , England and Scotland, as well as an informal first. From the King James VI of Scotland , the British rule . Queen Elizabeth because of the no heir . Both countries have been under the rule of the king . But neither side has its own independent government in Scotland , England and was later reunited in a political union . Kingdom of Great Britain (Kingdom of Great Britain).

Union Act , BE 2343 (Acts of Union 1800) have included Britain 's Kingdom and the Kingdom of Ireland Previously, gradually falling into the control of Britain as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Islands (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland).

Later in the year 2465, 26 regions from 32 regions on the island of Ireland decided to become independent . Is independent of the United Kingdom. And set up a new country . Republic of Ireland After 7 years, 6 regional integration with the rest of the UK original . And name it . Ireland.

In 24th century Britain of the island of Great Britain and Ireland Is the world leader in areas such as the development of capitalism and democratic parliamentary system . Including the published literature, art, science and technology. Imperial Britain could land up to one -quarter of the world. And one -third of the global population . Become the largest empires in world history. Both in terms of territory and population.

However, the United Kingdom began to lose its leadership in science and industry in the 25th century to the United States and the German Empire . After World War 1 ended the authority of the United Kingdom. In world politics begin to decline. And the beginning of decolonization in various overseas territory in World War 2 and Britain against Nazi Germany had been victorious in the year 2488 in which the United Kingdom is a permanent member of the Security Council of United Nations

Attractions in England
Buckingham Palace 's (Buckkingham Palace).
Buck Buckingham Palace is the residence of the Queen Elizabeth 2 and her husband was a House of Lords by the Duke of Buckingham on the BC. 1703 - 1705 and later held the property in the reign of George the third . To King Charles and Queen Charlotte in 1762 and renovated into a palace in time. Queen Victoria was the first to sit here. Buck Buckingham Palace . Recently opened to the public a few years ago. Admission to the money allegedly to assist in the repair. Windsor is a fire. Opened to traffic in August and October. Admission fee of £ 10 , from 9:30 to 16:30 pm at the past with a lot of visitors to queue for about one hour and take pictures and video. Room is open to traffic court . The musical feast hall rooms , green rooms , white rooms, blue and so on.

West Westminster Cathedral (Westminster Abbey).
Is particularly important in history. English because it is the place of his coronation as King of England for more than 900 years, the temple is the oldest building in the Gothic of the 13th century within the burial of kings and dynasties His many like her, bent Elizabeth. 1 Queen Mary "Bloody Mary" and a memorial to commemorate the important people are. In history. Both politicians to writers such as Charles Dickens and Shakespeare's poetry or Shakespeare in the Poet's Corner.

Climate England.

General climate of the United Kingdom . Located in the relatively cold and humid due to the topography of the island is warm and cold currents flowing through the north to the south over winter and rain fall . The West than East. Nightly temperature Phu rest is 2-4 degrees Celsius in winter and highest during the summer .
18-22 C, however, said that overall the UK is a country with a relatively high climate change .
In some days the weather may have been exposed to almost every form that has the spring. (Spring) March - May . Some days the weather can change very warm weather. The sun in the morning and change as quickly as the cold or rain in the afternoon.
Summer (Summer) June - August. The air is warm and bright sunlight .
Fall (Autumn) month from September to November the weather is cooler and more. The leaves begin to change color and fall .
Winter (Winter) months from December to February . During cold weather, this is the most snow in some areas. Night is longer than day and darker than usual.

United Kingdom Pound currency (Pound) is the monetary unit of the country. Currency notes are divided into 4 types of bills at 5,10, 20 and 50 of the coin is divided into eight types 2 and 1 pound and 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 pence Students can redeem their money. the bank or place to change money at the bureau de change, such as Thomas Cook, American Express, Chequepoint and exchange International. Moreover, in major department stores such as Harrods and Marks & Spencer. Be counter-traded funds. Preferably for the exchanging of money from banks. To get the best rates. Working hours of the bank. Monday - Friday 9.30 - 15.30 and closed at 17.00, some of which, such as some branches of the Bank of Scotland, and some are open on Saturday and from 9:30 - 12:00 pm The Nat West.

Thank you.

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