Countries of the World
I was not able to update it all the time.
I'm sorry.
I introduce a Japanese thing a little.
¦I I have the place where grammar is wrong. It is difficult for me to use English. lol

I introduce Japan.
This is cherry trees.It's very beautiful!!!
There is a custom with "cherry-blossom viewing"(‚¨‰ΤŒ©) as Japan.

This is Lake Biwa-ko.(”ϊ”iŒΞ)
It is not the sea!!
Biwa-ko is Lake Biwa-ko is the lake which is the largest in Japan.

This is Mt.Fuji.(•xŽmŽR)
It is the biggest mountain in Japan.
I think that it is a beautiful mountain.
I have not looked yet, but I want to look sometime...

This is TOTORO!!!

I like it™š@It's VERY CUTE!!
It is a popular character in Japan.
It was broadcasted on TV many times.

This is "Gachapin" and "Mook".

The left is Gachapin, and the right is Mook.
It is a character of a child program.
I enjoy it to see the

I love Gachapin and Mook!!
I want to update it a lot!

Please come again!!

BYE :)

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