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My Home State North Carolina,USA

Welcome to my site about My home state North Carolina. It is a very beautiful state. I really enjoy living here.

Here is the State Flower in North Carolina a Dogwood.

The State tree in North Carolina is a Pine Tree. I have lots of them in my yard.

This is North Carolina state quarter.

This is the state bird of NC. It is the Cardinal.

This is the biggest lake in North Carolina called the Norman Lake.

This is a very fun place to visit. It is called DeadWood. I've been there twice. It is alot of fun. It is located in Bear Grass,North Carolina.

This is the state berries.It is Strawberries and Blue berries.They are very delicious to eat.

The state boat is the Shad boat. This boat was first made in 1987.

The state beverage is milk. In making milk the official state beverage, North Carolina followed many other states including our northern neighbor, Virginia, and Wisconsin, the nation's number one dairy state.

This is the state Carnivorous plant. It is called the Venus Flytrap.

The state Christmas Tree in North Carolina is a Fraser Fir.

This is NC state dog. It is called the Plott Hound. The Plott Hound was officially adopted as our State Dog on August 12, 1989.

This is our State fish The channel bass. The Channel Bass usually occur in great supply along the Tar Heel coastal waters and have been found to weigh up to 75 pounds although most large ones average between 30 and 40 pounds.

Our State Insect is the Honey Bee.

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