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"The Great Southern Land"
G'day and how ya goin. I thought i would start up a blog showing everyone what Australia is like. I'm going to show all of the things that make us Aussie's proud.

As you can see Australia is in the bottom right hand corner. That's how we got our name "the land down under".

Australia is 1 contonent. In Australia we have 6 states and 2 territories.
I live in Melbourne, Victoria.
We have many landmarks. Here are just a few pics of them.

Uluru is a giant rock in the centre of Australia.

This is the twelve Apostles located in Victoria.

The three sisters.

The great barrier reef that stretches down the coast of Queensland.

The great barrier reef.
Australian Hot Spots!

The Gold Coast

Noosa. Located on the Sunshine coast.

Sydney Harbor.
There are much more hot spots but that will be enough for now.
Here are some Australian icons

Here's the Sydney opera house. Located in Sydney harbor.

Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Vegemite......gotta love it.

Hills hoist also known as a clothesline.
Australian Animals



My Favourite. The wombat.

Famous Aussies In Hollywood

Nicole Kidman

Russell Crow

The Veronicas
Famous Australians

Sir Edmond Barton.
Australias first Primeminister.

Ned Kelly.
A famous Australian bushranger.

Don Bradman.
A well known cricket player.

Dawn Fraser.
A famous Olympic swimmer.
That's all i can fit in. I hope you liked my blog. Come for a visit to the land down under some time i can garentee that you will have a good time.

Aussie Aussie Aussie
oi oi oi!!!:)

1.Beacuase everyones friendly.
2.Great landscapes.
3.Brilliant beaches.
4.Fantastic food.
5.Superb spirit.
6.Flamin fashion.
7.Amazing animals.
8.Luxurious lifestyle.
9.Endless fun
10.It's a great place overall

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