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~~Bienvenue en France~~

~Bonjour et bienvenue sur mon blog~

I'm going to introduce you my country with its famous places ect.... But also my life, my interests and many other things^^ I hope you'll all like my way of introduce France but also how I'll bcz that's quite difficult to use English when I'm just French^^
Aurevoir tout le monde~~! (bye everybody~~!)

first of all, that's me~~ :)

L'arc de Triomphe

Arc De Triomphe is one of the most attractive landmarks for the tourists from all across the world. It is one of the most visited ancient monuments of Paris. Arc De Triomphe was built up during the 1830s when King Louis Phillippe was ruling over Paris. This arc was build up in order to celebrate the grand victory of Napoleon Bonaparte. The arc represents the tradition and culture of Paris.

It's a place you must really visit^^

French bread

French bread, french bread.... There isn't a day where We (french) don't eat this bread that all French love~~ Actually the french stick costs around 0.85 and is the favourite bread. But even if the bread is verry present in our diet, french also eat a lot of Viennese pastry."Croissant; pain au chocolat; brioche ect..." are loved by french and everyone who test it^^

As I'm not living in Paris but in the South of France I'm going to show you how the southerners are living and also where...


I went to Lyon for my cousin wedding, but it was so HOT... around 35c~~!!! It was too difficult to go out and just walk was like doing sport during hours and hours^^ But this city is really cool and BIG~~ The people are also very nice and it's a city every French (and foreigners) have to visit :)


I ate Korean at "Doshilack" restaurant~~ It was deliciouus~~!!! I ate Bibimbap with KIMCHI! SO So delicious :)~~ Korean food is really as I love~~ :)

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