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Being Australian is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for A Belgian beer, then travelling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a Japanese TV.
Hi, my name is Ruby, and I'm 15 years old and from Australia. I live in a small country town, and even though it is boring sometimes I still do love it here.

Australia is a fantastic country with lots of great things to see and do, and I'm going to show you some of them on this page.
First, the natural world...

This is Uluru, the great big rock in the middle of Australia. It was named Ayers Rock in honour of the Australian Premier Sir Henry Ayers. The rock is over 340 metres tall.

Eucalyptus trees (gum trees) are originally from Australia, but can now be found in Africa, India, and Southern Europe. The Eucalyptus oil industry is becoming important to Australia's economy.

The great barrier reef along the coast of Queensland

These rocks are called the 'three sisters'. They are in the Blue mountains, just west of Sydney.

The 12 apostles are huge pillars of rock in the ocean just off the coast of victoria. Only 9 of them are above the water, though there is another 4-6 underwater.
Then there are the spectacular man-made landmarks and tourist attractions...

The Sydney Harbour Bridge joins the northern and southern shores of Sydney harbour. It took 1400 men, 8 years, 53 000 tonnes of steel, and 4.2 million pounds to build. The bridge was officially opened on 19 March 1932. It now carries 8 traffic lanes and 2 rail lines.

There was an international open competition to design the sydney opera house in 1957, and the winner was Jorn Utzon from Denmark. The building of the Opera house was complete in August 1973.

The gold coast is a very popular tourist attraction, along the coast of queensland. It has in it sea world, movie world, dreamworld, wet n wild, and lots of other things

New parliament house, Canberra, took nearly a decade to build and was officially opened on 9th May 1988.

Centrepoint Tower, Sydney, is a telecommunications mast 305 metres high with an observation deck and restuarant at the top. It is the highest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere, and from it you can see right across the city area and sometimes even right out to the Blue Mountains in the west. The restaurant rotates slowly as you eat.

The Ghan is the train that travels between Adelaide and Darwin. It originated 75 years ago, when a railway line replaced 'camel trains' to get supplies and people into central Australia. Now it is just a passenger train, and a popular tourist sightseeing adventure. The journey is 2979km long, and takes almost 48 hours. The train is sometimes over a kilometre long, with lounge and dining cars and sleepers and bathrooms. Also the scenery is fantastic!!!
Australia is very famous for its opal mining. Coober Pedy is Australia's largest and oldest opal mining community, 530 miles north of Adelaide. This town is different because the original opal miners literally built a town underground to escape the extremes of heat and cold of the outback.
Everything is underground in Coober Pedy - even things like Shopping Malls, Churches, Hotels, and of course Homes. They also give tours of a working Opal mine.

Go Aussieland!!!

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