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my trip to Argentina


Im going to Argentina today and im going to a soccer game the next day.

April, 5,2009

This is my airplane.I rode business class because they didn't sell all the seat's.
Me and my dad had dinner there.I watched madigascar escape 2 africa.I fell asleep for 7 hour's.?I had a kids meal for dinner.It took 10 hours to get there.I had breakfast at 6 o'clock.I had Cheerios for breakfast.


We are in the kids museum and we are in the super market section of the kids museum and we had to act out what it was like.

April 5,2009

We are at a soccer game it's Boca Juniors Vs Godoy Cruz. I bought a jersey there and a flag plus a horn that you would blow on whenever they scored. The score was 1-1 so they tied but it was an interesting game with an injury and a bunch of cool moves. It turned out to be a fun match.

April 5,2009

This is again the kids museum but this is the McDonalds part of the museum. I had to make meals for my dad. They had fake Mcnugetts and burger patties and drinks and of course we had to put an apron on.

April 5,2009

This was the hobo part of town the place were immigrants came from. It was considered the poor part of town but that's kind of obvious. Since the Argentinians had a lot of immigrants they considered it history because of how many immigrants came to Argentina.
April 7,2009

Today we are going to visit the factory and I got a street reflector. I got some telephone stablers and I got a brass screw but that was just the plastic factory. I also got from the metal factory I got two springs a little metal box thing without sides and a little twisted metal piece that is supposed to keep things positioned and later that night I went to the mall with my dads friend and apperintly he had two children my guessing was that one was 11 and one was about 15 we went bowling and we played some games. We had dinner and left to go back to the hotel.

Today I went to the zoo with my dad and we fed the monkeys and there was a fence so whenever you threw food at them you would have to hope that it went through but about 90% of the time you didn't get the food through the fence so I gave up hope and started feeding the goats instead because they stuck there head through the fence so that you can easily feed them. After the zoo we went to get some ice cream. We went to this fancy place where they sell ice cream. I had raspberry ice cream with a chocolate coating on the cone so it had chocolate raspberry and vanilla combined which made it taste good. After ice cream we went to a science museum were they had all this sciencey stuff and then we went home and here I am making my blog.

April 10,2009

Today me and my dad's friend went to the amusement park and he brought his son and daughter with him. Unfortuntely, the roller coaster lines were really long and it took 45 minutes to go and ride one roller coaster but when I rode the roller coaster it went reeeeeeeeeeally fast and it made my neck soar after the ride because the roller coaster went backwards. While we were waiting for the lines to get shorter we played little minigames and played bumper cars. After 7'o clock we went back to the hotel by train.

April 10, 2009

Today we are visiting a boat and taking a museum to the soccer field I was really sad because it sounded boring and so we went to the boat at like 10'o clock and visited the boat the boat was kind of boring so we went to the museum of a soccer team. We saw what door's they went through and we saw the locker rooms we even got to go on the field. My dad planned to go bicycle riding but instead we saw this guy who was letting people rent these like big bikes for two people. We rode them for thirty minutes but it was 8 pesos for fifteen minutes so we paid 16 pesos (four dollars) for thirty minutes on the bike. It was our last day so we kind of had to spend our pesos since in the US we can't use them.
It took ten hours to get we flew over Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and Columbia. They showed Marley And Me and Frost/Nixon. I slept for six hours and I really wasn't hungry for dinner so I didn't eat my dinner when we flew back to North Carolina.

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