Countries of the World

Hey! This blog will be about all the countries that not that many people know about.
You can tell me a country you like, so I can do research about the tourist attractions,hotels, ect.

My first place will be Malaysia.
Malaysia's Language

Malay is the official language of Malaysia. Although most people from Malaysia are able to speak one form of English, I will tell you a little Malay. You can find more Malay at a wedsite I know.

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princess: puteri

is not: bukan

student: pelajar

sure :pasti

welcome : selamat datang
I like hotels, but I think Malaysian hotels are the best because you can get a room that is over the ocean, but does not get wet because it is on stilts.

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Tourist Attractions
Some tourist attractions in Malaysia are:

The Malaysia International Fireworks Competition, various parks and beaches, Petronas Twin Towers, beautiful water falls, and many more things.
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