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All About Japaaaaan!!^-^

This is JAPAN!

Japan is an island extending in a curve along the eastern coast of the Asian continent.It consists of four big islands(Hokkaido,Honshu,Shikoku,Kyushu)and almost 7000 islands altogether. Its land area is about the same as that of Germany(357,00km).
The Four Seasons

There are four seasons in Japan;spring;summer;autumn;winter.The Japanese take pleasure in the transition of the seasons,the enjoy their duration.

After the first storm of spring,the tempereture rises and beautiful flowers bloom.April 1 is the beginning of the academic and business year.

The rainy season comes to a close,the hot weather arrives,and people flockto the mountains or the beaches.Summer in Japan is very humid and hot*.

*Autumn*(My best season^^)
Typhoons come periodically,but fall is a beautiful seasonwith autumnal-colored leaves.People enjoy local autumn festivals and embark on excursions.

It is cold in winter,and snows in many regions in Japan.In areas without snow,apiercing cold wind blows.

National Symbols

The New Year is one of the most important events for Japanese.
Families and Relatives get together to celebrate the New Year,and eat Osechi ryorifor their health and prosperity.
桜 cherry blossoms
Japanese have had an affection for cherry blossoms,the national flower,from ancient times.
花見 Hanami
Hanami means viewing cherry blossoms.People sit on mats under the cherry blossoms,and they eat foods,drink and sing with family or friends and so on.
Do you know about Japanese?

There are three kinds of letters in Japanese(Hiragana,katakana,and kanji).

Kanji(like 日本) is a kind of Chinese characters.

You know,Japan has a close relation to China because we the Japanese have been trading with Chinese for a long time.

Actually,Kanji is one of the things which we imported from China.

I think people from other countries learning Japanese feel difficult to study Kanji.

In addition,about in 8th century we made the orijinal letter;it's Hiragana.

If you wanna know about how we made Hiragana,please look into it for yourself.

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