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¡Disfruta Uruguay! .... Enjoy Uruguay!

Lagoon Merín-

¡Disfruta Uruguay!

Enjoy Uruguay!
Uruguay is a charming country that invites people of all ages to enjoy.
Its natural and scenic landscapes invite you to adventure.
Its worldwide cuisine invites you to delight.
Its picturesque cities invite you to travel through history.
Its music, colored by varied and rich cultures, invites to dance.
Its multidimensional art invites you to dream.
And its warm and kind people invite you to stay...
So...Let's go! ¡Vamos!

Uruguay is one of the smallest countries in South America. Its coasts lie on the Atlantic Ocean and the River Plate.
In the northeast its borders extend a hand to Brazil and the Uruguay River communicates the country with Argentina in the west.

Cerro Arequita


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¡Disfruta Uruguay! .... Enjoy Uruguay! (Countries of the World)    -    Author : Patricia - Uruguay

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