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Moving to Ireland - pictures, videos, events, information
On the road again !!!

All over Ireland you can enjoy the outdoors : seaside, spectacular coastline, lakes and rivers...
The scenery is ever changing, simply spectacular, and literally unfolds before your eyes.

You can see a selection of some pictures of our Irish Trip : Irish trip

You can see a selection of panoramics : Panoramics pictures

_______________Irish Landscapes______________

Irish Landscapes

--Downhill to Belfast (Giant's Causeway)


--Cork City

--Kinsale (Charles Fort)

--Blarney Castle

--Rosscarbery, Owenahincha, Courtmacsherry, Ichedony, Clonakilty

--Galway to Clifden(Connemara)

--Clare (Spanish point ; Cliffs of Moher ; Standing Stones ; Burren region)

--Dingle bay

--Kerry (Skellig Ring)

_____________________Irish events____________________

Irish events

Urban Art, graffiti art, irish tags (IRELAND - Cork)

Breakdance, (IRELAND - Cork)

Cork St-Patrick Festival, (IRELAND - Cork)

Irish Pubs (IRELAND - Cork, Dublin, Galway...)

Champions league final 2005 (IRELAND - Cork - Irish Pub)

Skateboard - Trick tips, (IRELAND - Cork)

Trip surf, (IRELAND - Dingle bay, Inch beach, Owenahincha, Spanish point...)

No man's land, (IRELAND - Connemara, Kerry, Glare)

Singer from Dublin (IRELAND - Dublin)

Irish dancing in Galway (IRELAND - Galway)

______________Moving to Ireland_______________

Irish links

Irish directory about tranings, jobs, accommodation, share apartment...

Includes removals, finances, property, and education...

News and information for the Irish abroad

Irish Resources - Irish Links - Resources for Schools

____________________Irish WebSite____________________

Irish links

----------Trouver un stage un emploi...
Trainings, jobs... *** -----{Irish Institutional Agency -----{Irish Recruitment Agencies -----{Irish Recruitment Agencies -----{European trainings ------{French Recruitment Agency

----------Obtenir une bourse de stage
To get a training's grant ------European training's grant---Similar to Erasmus

-----------Ecole pour améliorer son niveau d'anglais
To improve your level in English ------Irish School for foreigner

-----------Trouver un logement
To look for a accommodation *** ------Irish Institutional Web Site

-----------Information sur l'Irlande
Information about Ireland Association ***------Irish news in French ------Travel guide and directory Students Web Site directory directory in French

------------Webcams en Irlande
Irish Webcams ------Irish Webcams -------Irish Webcams from Galway

________________Forums about Ireland________________

Irish forum ------Irish Forum -------Irish Forum in French -------Irish Forum in French *** ------Irish Forum in French

__________________Parties in ireland____________________

Irish parties

Spanish party

French party (An brog)

French Julien-B European parties

Spanish-French Amélie Party

Live music Concert in Old Oak (Irish pub from Cork)

Marcus International parties

Terrible June parties (swiss, french, spanish, italien, irish...)

Share apartment (French and irish people)

KERRY - Skellig Ring


KERRY - Skellig Ring


Commenole Beach - DINGLE bay

Commenole Beach - Surf and Bodyboarding (DINGLE bay)


Slea Head - DINGLE bay

City hall - Union Quay - CORK City

Morrisson's quay - CORK City

Gate cinema - CORK City

River Lee - CORK City

ST Patrick's Bridge - CORK City

ST Patrick's Bridge - CORK City

University College Cork - UCC

University College Cork - UCC

Slipway - CORK City

Cricket ground - CORK City

PUB (Galway)

GALWAY City - main street

CORK City - SIN E pub




Giant's Causeway


Giant's Causeway

Giant's Causeway

Irish food

Dunguire Castle

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher




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