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Let me introduce myself and Korea with pictures

The fan dance (Buchaechum) is regarded as the most unique Korean traditional dance.
The dancer wears a jokduri ( a head piece worn by a bride at traditional marriage )
and Dangui , a coat worn over a skirt, with sleeves
and a phoenix emblem embroidered on both sides.

This splendid dance and brilliant fans of painted blossoms
shows the beauty of vivid color and the harmony of group movements in a set space
the fan dance involves numerous and complex techniques such as fan folding, unfolding, turning and shaking fans in both hands. Learning the fan dance is very good chance to those who want to experience Korean rhythm.

Pucca and Garu(made in Korea), and Korea's manwha, the comic books.



Pucca + Garu

the characters of Korean Comic book, - Manwha - [Gung] . Gung means a palace


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