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There are 50 states in the US, including ALaska and Hawaii which are not shown in their correct locations on this map.
We will start with the state of New York, the most popular travel destination in this country.

The Statue of Liberty, given to us by France, is located in the New York Harbor.

The New York Yankees is the state's baseball team. Baseball, similar to cricket, has long been called America's pastime.

A view of Manhatten, a portion of New York City

August 2007 State of the Month!!!

Jersey's state flag

State nickname: the Garden State (no; I don't know why)
State tree: Northern Red Oak click here
State Flower: violet click here
State Bird: American Goldfinch

The famous San Fransico Bridge

California's flag

Museums and art shows abound.

the coastline

Let's not forge the many films and stars that come form California's infamous city.
Washington! Yes, it is a state.

Washington's state flower, the Coast Rhododendron

Beautiful Mountains

The great city of Portland, Oregon.

In 1843, thousands of Americans began to travel along what is called the Oregon Trail in order to begin new lives in the sparsly western states of America.

The Boston Tea Party occured on 16 December 1773. Angry about the English kings raising of taxes and refusal to listen to their pleas for "No Taxation Without Representation" the American colonists attacked a British ship in the middle of the night. The dressed themselves as Native Americans, snuck abaord the ship, and dumped all the imported tea aboard into the waters of Boston Harbor to protest the new tea tax.

The Boston Massacre took place on 5 March 1770. It was a moment when the tensions between the American colonists and the English soldiers reached it's mounting point. A riot exploded between the two sides. When brawls began, soldiers started firing into the crowds that had begun throwing balls of snow and ice at them. They killed and injured several people, and the newspapers said "the streets ran with blood" dubbing the day Bloody Sunday.

Modern day Boston is filled with towering building, museums, and many activities. Boston harbor is a great place to take a ferry tour, and you can check out many famous historical sites. There's a wolking tour called the Freedom Trail that takes you to Boston common, the Massachusetts State House, Brimstone Corner, Cranary Cemetary (featuring Paul Revere and Jon Hancock), Benjamin Franklin's Statue (at the site of the very 1st public school), the site of the Boston Massacre, and, among many other attractions, the USS Constitution (the oldest warship still afloat!). Boston isn't all history though; there are many fun events such as parades and other holiday celebration.

The great Oklahoma's state flag

destination of the Trail of Tears, the tragic and forced relocation of the Native Americans

Oklahoma City, the capitol of the state
What you see here is the capitol building.

Now, finally, Utah

The 45th state of the USA, Utah's capital is the Salt Lake City. This state is known for its mining and outdoor recreation. Deserts and natural land forms such as the sandstone(?) arches shown in the picture on the left. I know Utah for its national parks and for the Native Americans, specifically Navajos, that used to live there.

The capital of Arkansas is Little Rock. Arkansas is located in the South West of the USA. The famous Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto was the first to "discover" the area that is now known as this state, and he was the first European to step foot on Arkansas land. The state was later purchased by the US from Napolean Bonaparte as part of the great Louisiana Purchase.

Arkansas is best known for the amazing natural river-created canyons. Can you imagine the water power it took?
From what I'm told Arkansas is a very hot and dry state that often must deal with long draughts. It has a lot of desert wildlife, including (to my horror) scorpions and poisinous spiders, but then I suppose all states have some sort of poisinous spider to put up with.

Rhode Island, home of the (I still can't believe this) Red Hen!

Rhode Island is rightly nicnknamed "the Ocean State." The place is filled with beaches and all the attractions that come with it including amusment parks (Water Wizz!!) and museums and memorials (Rhode Island belonged to the Dutch at the start of the New World!) However the best part of Rhode Island (aside from the spectacularly fantastic beaches and beach parties) is the bike trails!

the Western state of Idaho

State Captiol of Idaho... Boise!

July 2007 State of the Month: Hawaii!

State nickname: Aloha State
State tree: Candlenut Tree click here
State flower: Yellow Hibiscus click here
State bird: Hawaiian goose click here
*Hawaii consists of 8 main islands: Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe and, of course, Hawaii. *Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee, and more than 1/3 of the world's supply of pineapples comes from Hawaii. *Under-sea volcanoes erupted thousands of years ago to form the islands of this spectacular state.

North Carolina, the last state to cecede from the Union

The first flight into the air happened right in North Carolina. The Wright brothers built and flew thier plane dispite much critisim that man would never fly. Nowadays, airplane travel is common all around the world.

North Carolina is best known by tourist for its length of beautiful coastline. It is also the state with the most lighthouses.

September 2007 State of the Month!!!

State nickname: Lone Star State
State bird: Mockingbird more info
State tree: Pecan Tree more info
State flower: Bluebonnet more info

*Texas has the flags of 6 different countries flying over its capitol. *Texas' lasrgest export is wool. *From 1836 to 1845, Texas was its own independent country! *Austin is considered the live music capitol of the world.

Alaska November 2007 State of the Month!!!!
State bird: Willow Ptarmigan

*Alaska's Constitution effective in 1959* It is the 49th state.* Nearly 1/3 of Alaska lies inside the Arctic Circle.* The state has the lowest population density of every state in the nation.* The discovery of gold in the Yukon began a gold rush in 1898which led to its discovery in Nome and Fairbanks.*

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