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Hangeul(Korean language)
It was designated as National Treasure in UNESCO's Memory of the world.
It is very scientific.
It was made by King Saejong.
UN spread Hangeul to countries that have not their own language.

consonants ㄱ ㄴ ㄷ ㄹ ㅁ ㅂ ㅅ ㅇ ㅈ ㅊ ㅋ ㅌ ㅍ ㅎ ㄲ ㄸ ㅃ ㅆ ㅉ
vowels ㅏ ㅑ ㅓ ㅕ ㅗ ㅛ ㅜ ㅠ ㅡ ㅣ ㅐ ㅒ ㅔ ㅖ ㅚ ㅟ ㅢ ㅘ ㅝ ㅙ ㅞ

The Korean flag is called "Taegeukgi" in Korean.
Its design symbolizes the principles of the yin and yang in Oriental philosophy.
The circle in the center of the flag is divided into two equal parts. The upper red section represents the proactive cosmic forces of the yang.
Conversely, the lower blue section represents the responsive cosmic forces of the yin.
The two forces together embody the concepts of continual movement, balance and harmony that characterize the sphere of infinity.
The circle is surrounded by four trigrams, one in each corner. Each trigram symbolizes one of the four universal elements: heaven (건), earth (곤), fire(감), and water (이).

Kyungbok Palace

It was the main palace of Joesun dynasty.
Gwanghwamun is the main gate of Kyungbok Palace.

the Presidential Mansion

Gwanghwamun Street
left building in this picture is Central Goverment Complex.
right building of this Street is United States Embassy in Korea.
Korean's traditional Cultures

Korean dress
this cloth is Hanbok which is our country traditional clothes.
'Han'means our country and 'bok'means clothes in Korea.
there are many kinds of Hanbok depending on purpose.
we put on Hanbok which beside this page when wedding cermony.
but many people wearing wedding dress when they get married these days.
Hanbok mathes Korean's body well.
and Hanbok is gay costume.
if you want to know more about Hanbok, please mail to me.


Hanbok - male

Fan dance(English)
Buchae means Fan, Chum means dance by Korean.
dancers wearing the royal court 'Dangwui'.
Queen of Joseon put on this clothes.

korean traditional mask.
everybody SMILE!

Goryeo celadon

crown decoration of Bakje
Bakje was established by Han people(Han means korean).

female's royal court

Kimchi is the one of the five healty foods that was taked out by Newyork Times.
It makes that people keep their health and prevent cancer.
so we was not damaged by SARS.

a kind of ornamental hairpin

Korean's brooch
Old palaces

Kyeonghoiru(경회루) in Kyeongbokgung palace
Kyeonghoiru is banquet hall.

Royal Palace
Chandeokgung, Huwon
It was designated as National Treasure in UNESCO's Memory of the world.
many royal palaces in Korea was destroyed in Japanese imperialism.

Hwangwonjung(향원정) in Kyeongbokgung palace
Kings of Joseon used Hwangwonjung.
Hwangwonjung is garden with pond.

you can buy Korean traditional things, and eat Korean dishes.
many Korean people and foreigns visit Insadong.

Duksoogung palace stone embankment route
i recomend that couples don't go to this street.
because many people says that if couple go there, they will broke.


the capital of Korea, Seoul
Seoul have a big river.
the name of river is Han.
so a night view of Seoul is really beautiful.
there are many mountains in Seoul.
depending on geomantic studies, Seoul is lacated in good place.
the citizens of Seoul are busy.
they are really kind to foreigners.

the largest city except Seoul



Gungnamjee(Korean, 궁남지)
you can see many beautiful lotus flowers.

Dok-Do(Korean, 독도)
All Koreans love that island so much.
because there is the spirit of Korea.
it's in the EAST SEA,
the sea that is around Dok-Do have many natural resources and clean water.
so you can see beautiful fishes in here.

Cheujudo and U-chae flowers (Korean, 제주도)
it is famous for its extraordinary view,and it's good to travel.
U-chae flowers grow up only in Cheju. They make a great view.
It is the biggest island in Korea and many Korean want to visit Cheju at least
once in their lives.

Han river
it is the most large river which flow through city all over the world.

this temple, which is called Bulguksa,
is one of the most beautiful and famouse temples in Korea.

Lotus lanterns in Jogaesa
Korean dramas & Korean movies

The Host(2006)
Director : Bong Junho
Actress : Koh ahsung, Bae Duna
Actor : Song Kangho, Prak Haeil, Byun Hwibong

My Sassy Girl(2001)
Director : Kwak Jaeyong
Actress : Jeon Jihyun
Actor : Cha Taehyun

Winter Sonata(2002) - Drama
Actress : Choi Jiwoo, Park Solmi
Actor : Bae Yongjun, Park Yongha

Daejanggum(2004) - Drama
Actress : Lee Yeongae
Actor : Jee Jinhee

My name is Kim Samsoon(2005) - Drama
Actress : Kim Sunah, Jung Ryuwon
Actor : Hyun Been, Daniel Henney
i brought these pictures from and


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