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Shadows In The Water

A Starbuck Twins Mystery, Book Two

By Kathryn Lasky

In chapters 1-2 I met twins July and Liberty, and they're two younger twin sisters Charley and Molly. They are lucky because they can communicate telepathically to one and another! All four can communicate telepathically with out anyone hearing the four.

I thought this was really amazing. Their school year was just about to begin and it made me remember how that feels. I also met their aunt Honey who is a little quirky and their parents don't favor her as much. Their dad, Putnam got a job offering to investigate for the EPA in the Florida Keys for there has been illegal toxic waste dumping. I love the keys so I was excited to hear that they are moving there and the story is going to take place there.

They arrive in the Keys in chapter 4. Their sail boat is named the Coconut! I found this was a cute name for a tropical sail boat. They will be living in a boat house in the Keys and its pink. They are lucky they get to live free in the Keys but sadly they have to attend this military school their aunt set up for them. They had to beg and beg their home school teacher Zanny to come teach.

On the way to their house boat the twins revealed something magical. On the side of the boat are some dolphins! They were so close they could touch them! If I was there I would just dive in and swim with them. Their telepathic channels start to become interrupted by clicking noises. I figured they might be able to talk to dolphins! How lucky would they be if they could!

Dolphin Communication

I felt bad for the twins because I thought they would be lonely with no children besides themselves. Soon they meet this one kid who seems a little creepy to me. As Liberty described it almost looked like there was nobody home in his body and his eyes appeared to be slits. There was something different about this kid, though. His hands were wrapped in bandages. Poor kid kid I thought, but he could do many things with his feet that made him seem half monkey!

One night they head out at midnight on the Coconut to go to the Sandy Key. I think they are going to get caught sometime. July wanted to look for treasure there and Liberty wanted to see the dolphins again and find what the click noises were trying to tell them. It must be a beautiful site to see the keys this late at night. Instead of finding treasure or dolphins they find sea turtles! Baby sea turtles were hatching and they began to help them into the ocean! Turtles are one of my favorite animals and how lucky are they to help new hatchlings into the ocean!

They already found out what that kid's name was with the bandaged hands. His name was Robbie. One night the twins woke up and found Robbie out on their dock sitting by the sail boat looking like he was going to steal it. I thought he would steal it now and run from the twins but too late for Robbie, they caught him. Since they were already going out to save more turtle eggs, they thought they might bring along Robbie. I would of done the same thing because he seems lonely to me. On the way there, and back from saving the turtles, they discovered Robbie was hiding something from them and it appeared he had enemies. I would not trust him either. They already found out that his hands weren't wrapped anymore and that his hands were purple! I feel really bad for him. First he is a orphan and second his hands became mysteriously purple. The twins think it had something to do with the toxic waste dumping and dloidymysterol, a toxic waste.

The twins were out one night and they began to hear the click noises again. I remembered how they could telepathically hear the dolphins and might have a chance of talking with them. The clicks started to become more clear and turned into words like "come" and "join us". July and Molly already can telepathically talked to one another and now they can communicate with dolphins. The dolphins allowed the two to ride them on their backs! These kids are lucky, I wish I could have been there! They started to communicate once more and went off on how their lives where and describe this one special dolphin. She was special like Robbie's hands and were also purple from the dipliodymysterol toxic waste. Poor dolphin she was sick too!

The twins were going out again on their sailboat except this time they took the two young ones Charley and Molly. They went exploring where the toxic waste men where staying. They found poor Robbie there, Robbie has been kidnapped by these men. As I would of done and try to save him the tried also. Molly and July were caught by the men and were kidnapped along with Robbie. This part was a little confusing because they all talked on the telepathic channels at once. This was one of my favorite parts of the story though! The men started to get drunk and so they were clever and used their looks to trick them and then escape!

They had to sneak away through all the mangroves and face their fears of the possibly hidden gators! I'm not that brave, even I would have been really scared. All five of them made it safely to the sailboat including Robbie, but right when Charley was about to get on the boat, a crocodile stopped her! I thought she would die but the others flashed their cameras so it would distract the croc and I was impressed because it did! They saved Charley's life!

They reported the men to their dad and the case was closed! I was so happy because the sea life was no longer in danger! The kids were all over the news and were even awarded medals by the government! They also were all over the newspapers and gave many interviews! This was a very happy ending!

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