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Three Boys Blog - Talking About Bravery in "Number The Stars" by Lois Lowry

Three Boys Blog about Bravery in
Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

In the book Number The Stars by Lois Lowry one of the major themes is bravery. There are many characters that were brave in this book. One event that showed bravery was when Ellen and Annemarie hid from the German soldiers. It is hard for Ellen and Annemarie to be brave because they are only ten years old. Another part that showed bravery was when Peter Neilsen went outside after curfew when he could have been killed by the German soldiers. Some characters who are brave are Ellen, Annemarie, and the Resistance (Lise and Peter).

Ellen Rosen was very brave in many parts of the book. Ellen was brave when she had to leave her parents and worry about them. Another part Ellen was brave in was when she was in the Johansen's apartment, and had to meet with the soldiers. She had to pretend to be Lise, who was Annemarie's sister, who was not Jewish and passed away. Another brave thing Ellen did was act like she was not Jewish while living with the Johansen family. All in all Ellen was probably the bravest character in this historical fiction book.

World War II was the most destructive war in history. So many countries got involved. Plus, Germany occupied lots of countries in Europe including Denmark however Denmark had a very brave group to fight the Germans; the Resistance. The Resistance was a very brave group with lots of young people fighting for their lives. Even though they were young, the Resistance showed remarkable bravery. They fought even though lots were tortured and killed including Lise Johansen and Peter Neilsen. However, King Christian X decided to blow up Denmark's Navy, so the Germans could not have their battle transportation. It was a smart choice to make. The King was very wise.

Annemarie is brave because she let her Jewish friend Ellen Rosen be a part of her family. If Annemarie got caught with Ellen she would probably get killed too. Another example when Annemarie is brave is when she tore off Ellen's Star of David necklace and put it in her sister's wedding trunk. Another section in this book where Annemarie was brave was when she had to keep secrets in her head without telling the German soldiers. For example, Great-aunt Birte never existed. The last example in the book where Annemarie was brave was when Mama told Annemarie to bring the package to Uncle Henrik. She was alone and got caught by the Nazis but luckily, she was still able to deliver the poisoned handkerchief. All in all Annemarie was extremely brave in helping her friend Ellen.

In conclusion, the book Number The Stars by Lois Lowry shows remarkable bravery all throughout the book. Many characters in the book are brave. Annemarie showed bravery while helping her friend. Ellen and her parents showed bravery while hiding from the Germans, and the Resistance (including Peter and Lise) showed bravery while fighting the Germans. The book was very good and showed lots of different themes, but it showed bravery the most.

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