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At the end of the book, everything works out pretty well. Noah, Abbey, Mom, and Dad, all get to see grandpa Bobby, who they think is dead, they are all a happy family, and "Operation Royal Flush" works out good too. This book was one of my favorite books because I could never put the book down, it was fast pace, and kept me interested to find out what happened next everytime I flipped the page. I am not the kind of person who "loves" reading, but this book kept meinterested. I am so glad I had the chane to read this book, and I definatly want to read more novels by Carl Hiassen.

One of my least favorite parts of Flush was when Jasper and Bull beat up Noah. He already has enough going on in his life, his dad in and out of jail, figuring out more information about the Coral Queen, and now geting beaten up. Jasper and Bull should stop hurting him, for what his dad did. I know they must be pretty upset that Paine sunk the boat, but they shouldn't hurt Noah for what happened. However, Noah takes it pretty well, considering how much pain he's in; and. he wants to keep it from his parents to not make matters worse.

After the whole telivision interview with Paine, the people at the jail forgot to lock his cell and he escaped. He went home, and stayed in Noah's room. In the morning he supprised Mom, and they both cried because they were so happy to see each other. Everything was going great, untill Paine told everyone how he escaped. Mom was suddenly upset, and didn't know what to do, she was mad, and for shure anyone who had a situation like this would be. All the bad news doesn't sound so bad when later on Paine finds out the charges were dropped, as long as he went to counceling. He wasn't too happy he had to play crazy, but at least he wasn't going to have to pay a fine, or something worse. I really didn't like how Paine escaped from jail, but i did like how he did it for his family.
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A little later, Mom finds out about the interview with dad, and she isn't happy. She is embarassed and upset that he did it, because many people talk about it. She has to go out of town just to buy groceries, so no one knows who they are. In my opinion, I feel as if Paine should not have done the interview, because it caused much embarassment for his whole family. However, he thought it was right, so he did it.
I would like to tell you a little bit about some of the characters in Flush.

My opinion is that Noah is a strong minded, like his mother, and he is a big brother. He is never afariad to say what he wants and is very intelegint, from what i have read.

My opinion of Abbey is that she is a sweet, young girl, who loves her family, however is very cautious and mature. She is my favorite character, and i love how she is protective of herself and her brother.

Mom(Mrs. Underwood)-
My opinion of Mom is that she is a very serious woman, who knows what she wants. She is Strongm-minded, and loves her family too. She is also modest and tries not to be greedey, and once in a while can loosen up and joke around.

Dad(Paine Underwood)-
Dad, in my opinion, is a man who is set on what he wants and doesn't care what anyone thinks when he does it. He is also very tempermential when it comes to things that make him angry. However, in the end, he loves Abbey, Noah, and his wife(mom).

During the middle of Flush, something scary happens to Abbey. She encounters a strange man while on the dock with her brother Noah. The stranger's efforts backfire on him. The funny thing is, that the man doesn't know that Abbey has been a bitter, and still is. So as soon as she realized what was going on she took out her teeth and bit him as hard as she could. This part of the book made me laugh so hard, I almost fell out of my chair, it was another one of my favorite parts of Flush.

In chapters four and five, a lot happens. Noah and Abbey's mom talk to a laywer, and mention the d-word, divorcee. Noah and Abbey were so sad, and I would be too. However, I understand that their mom has a right, after all their dad is in jail, and has been before. Anyways, they feel they have to tell their dad, so they bike up to the jail to bring a letter. Assuming that they won't be let in without advance notice for their mom. The letter wasn't from their mom, but it was in a fancy, profesional looking envelope, so they knew they could get in. This was one of my favorite parts of the book, because they are taking a chance and doing what they believe in. They don't get to see their father, because News Channel 10 was doing an interview with him. They knew they would have to get home, very quick, before their mom saw the broadcast. So, they rushed home.

I have to say that these two chapters were probably my favorite, because Abbey and Noah are both extremely aware, sneeky, and in charge.

In the third chapter of Flush, Noah is allowed to visit his dad. By the time he gets to visit, the Coral Queen was already pumped dry, and ready to start business again. Once Noah told his dad the news, he was crushed, and exclaimed, "no way". I would have said the same thing. On the other hand, they were happy they received the information from Lice Peeking. Both wanted to find a better way to pay him back. Paine had already suggested giving Lice his truck, but Lice declined. They both knew they had to step it up. Instead they gave up their boat, which was worth ten or twelve thousand. They made the decision, I think it was a good one, and decided to get rid of it for valuble. If something like this ever happened to me, I would make a decision to give up something in order to get myself or someone else out of jail.

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In the second chapter of Flush, Noah and his sister Abbie are out of school, and on summer vacation. Lucky for them they dont have to face any tests, or deal with homework. I feel the same way during summer break. I can relate to them in a way, because they live near the beach, and so do I. They also love being adventurous and sneaky, and I love that about them. They have a great life, besides all of the trouble caused by Bull and Jasper Jr., two mean kids that are also related to the Coral Queen's owner. Besides all the fighting and sneaking around, Noah has to deal with another problem. He wants to get more proof to get his father out of jail; and, make sure everyone knows his father was right to sink the boat. He met Lice Peeking and Shelly, two witnesses in Paine's defense, to find out more information about the pollution caused by the Coral Queen.
Hello, my name is Alexia and this is my blog about the novel Flush.

In the first chapter of Flush, Noah, the main character, visits his dad on Fathers Day, in the worst place you could ever be, jail. I absolutley loved how Noah, while having his father in jail, wasn't upset, or even mad at his dad. For me, it even felt as if Noah agreed with his dad for what happened to the Coral Queen, the boat Paine Underwood (Noah's dad) sunk; and, the reason he was in jail. Although Noah understood it was right to stop the boat's pollution, he still tried to persuade his dad to apologize, and know it wasn't right to sink the boat. I can relate to Noah at this time, because if anyone I knew were in this position, I would feel the same way about a simiular situation.

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