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I started reading the book FLUSH, by Carl Hiaasen this summer. So, I thought I would blog about it, because it is interesting. The Dad, of this kid Noah, gets arrested for sinking the Coral Queen, a casino boat that he doesn't happen to own - so, this is a problem. The Dad sunk the boat because it was dumping raw sewage into the water and polluting the beaches where kids swim. This takes place in the Florida Keys. I have been to the Florida Keys and the water is beautiful, so I would hate to see it polluted.
click here to see how pollution affects our fragile coral reefs!!
So here is the second blog. Enjoy! The Coral Queen had been pumped dry, mopped clean, and put in new equipment. Noah visited his dad in jail to tell him the news and asked him if he needed a lawyer to get him out of jail. Noah's Dad agreed. Additionally, Noah's dad is crazy about saving the environment. My Dad happens to be a lawyer. He was a Public Defender early on in his career (the kind of lawyer Noah's Dad needs). He, too, is passionate about the environment and he sits on the board of a turtle center that saves sea turtles. Here is the link for the turtle center, Loggerhead Marinelife Center: marinelife
I enjoyed the time when Noah went fishing because it reminded me of the time I went fishing with my dad. We caught yellow tail, trigger fish, and saw many sharks - it was so much fun! When Noah goes fishing he catches shrimp, which I do not like to eat.
Also, Abbey tells Noah that their mom spoke of divorce with the lawyer. That makes me very sad for Noah and his sister. I hope that doesn't happen.
Breaking news... Noah’s dad will be interviewed by Channel 10 from his prison cell! On another note, Noah’s mom received a letter explaining how Grandpa Bobby’s body is still in Columbia - this is Noah’s Dad’s Father. They think he has mysteriously died in Columbia, the country.
I liked when Noah and Abbey snuck out of their house at night to find clues of pollution caused by the Coral Queen. They went on this adventure to help their dad. If my dad were in the same situation, I hope I would be brave enough to sneak out at night. I agree with Noah in thinking that someone kidnapped Lice Peeking, who worked for the Coral Queen, because he knows what happened on the ship and how they polluted the water.
Next week I will be spending Fourth of July at my grandparent’s house. I love spending time with my grandparents because they are funny. Noah’s Grandpa Kenneth seems similar to my grandpa because Grandpa Kenneth use to dress up like Pluto to make kids laugh. It is really cool how his grandparents worked at Disney World. I wonder if Noah and Abbey got to go to Disney World for free? My grandfather use to work at the South Florida Fair and my family would get to go to the fair for free.
The most exciting event happened to Noah when he discovered the sewage tank was rusting away causing the sewage to leak out! This proves Noah and his Dad are right about the illegal pollution caused by the Coral Queen. This is one of many victories Noah’s Dad will need to get out of jail.
Ok, this is crazy - Noah's Dad sneaks out of JAIL!! For some reason, the door to his Dad's cell was not locked. This must be a minumum security place! He walks out the back door and walks home. Every one was happy to see him. The next morning a policeman stopped by and explained to the family that Noah's dad was supposed to get out of jail that morning anyway. All was forgiven!

One night at dinner Abbey said she did not feel good and went to bed early. Later that night, her mom went to check on her, but Abbey was gone! That's crazy! I would be too afraid to sneak out of my house at night!!!!
When the mom went to check on Abbey, she was gone! Her mom thought she had been kidnapped but her father said she snuck out. They went to the Coral Queen and did not find her. When they were driving home she walked in front of the car, got in, and went home. When they got home Abbey showed them her video. The video was too blurry to see the sewage being dumped in the water. I enjoyed when Abbey told then about the hiding spot she used, Tuna Tower near the Coral Queen. Also Noah has seen a sea turtle just like I have. It was a baby sea turtle I saw at my friends house.
Noah’s dad starts his job-towing boats. He tows boats crashed on reefs. Also Noah and Abbey visit Shelly. They make a plan called Operation Royal Flush. The plan is to go on the Coral Queen and flush dye down the toilets. Once the holding tank is dumped, the dye will leave a trail leading to the Coral Queen getting the owner in deep trouble. Later the family goes fishing and catch mangrove snapper. The next day Noah and Abbey buy dye to flush. I liked when Noah told Shelly about Operation Royal Flush.
Tonight was the night Noah, Abbey, and Shelly would do Operation Royal Flush. Noah and Abbey’s parents left for a date so Noah and Abbey were home alone. They rode their bike to Rado’s house. Rado is Noah’s best friend. He was on a family vacation in Colorado. I have been on a family vacation to Colorado and I skied with my sister. Noah found a little motor boat and they hopped in and made it to the marina. Noah got out and Abbey was to guard the boat. Noah got on the Coral Queen and hopped in a crate. Hours passed and Noah was waiting. Soon someone picked up the crate and brought in to another room. Then Shelly came along and helped him get out. Then lead him to a mermaid’s restroom. She locked the doors and put an out of order sign on the door. Next he dumped the dye into the toilet and flushed. Then came a big problem, some lady tried to get into the restroom. Noah had no choice so he ran out. He had the lady, random people, and even a few security guards chasing after him. He had no choice but to run to the bow of the boat and jump. Then after ten minutes Abbey came and picked him up in the boat. They were heading home but the motor stopped and a current was pulling them out to sea. I was so scared that Abbey and Noah would be lost out in the ocean but the next morning a boat showed up to save them. There were two people in it, one was Noah’s dad and the other, they didn’t recognize. They were surprised to find out t was Grandpa Bobby!

Once Noah was home he watched the news, of course the Coral Queen was all over the news! Once in a while I watch the news but usually find it boring. Next Noah called the Coast Guard, then he went to the beach to see the dye trail leading from the Coral Queen to the ocean. Operation Royal Flush was a huge success! When Noah returns home he talks to Grandpa Bobby and explains how he thought he was dead. Grandpa Bobby said they had mistaken him for some other guy. Next Noah visited Shelly. Once Noah walked in and saw two people passed out on the floor, one of them being Lice Peeking! He came back! He was not dead!
All ended well. The Coral Queen was shut down and Grandpa Bobby and Lice Peeking were okay. Also Noah’s dad was able to get his captain’s license back. Grandpa Bobby went back to Colombia. Noah’s whole family went fishing and saw the green flash. At sunset a flash of green appears for a brief moment. I loved the book it made me feel like I was on an adventure. Also the author, Carl Hiaasen, graduated from the University of Florida, just like my parents did. Go Florida Gators!


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