A Photograph of Korea with essay! Life, Trip, Photo, Journey

All of Pictures in this blog are taken by me

Hello! I am a university student who love taking photos. So going a trip and seeing landscape are also one of my hobby. I hope I will meet good friend who share common idea.


It was the time yearend.
I drew the tree which was often drawn by me at the cafe
All of sudden, I realized that the drawn tree always seems like a winter tree.

The winter of my heart is too long to consider existing seed of love.
And like a rule of nature,
I am begining to believe I can dream love again.

If I draw it next time,
pass through the yearend which is suitable yellow lights,
now I wanna draw tree of spring.

Dec. 2006, E100VS

Canal 'Otaru'

Accoding to travel essay writen by people who vistied 'Otrau',
they had diappointment at day time , but night time is fantastic for trip.

I'd like to add one word about that paragraph.

"If only your photography skill is strongly powerful"

Dec. 2006, E100VS

Picture which will be lost easily

"A disposable camera makes the picture with 50% of success and 50% of failure.
But well done is really nice!"

Sometimes I feel that my friend "Boyoung" has toughness about her memory.
I really worry about forgeting my memory with my picture.

Whatever she knows her toughness,
she wined up its spring with silence.

Dec. 2006, E100VS


It's me in Japan.

photo by nallapic9, Dec. 2006

The Hooter

When I was young,
It was time to go home that I heard the hooter of train again.
It meaned it took 1 hour to hear hooter again.

I was born in northen seoul, near from railway station

When the time to go bed in young age
The hooter cames though dense forest and my window in the room.
After that, shirinking leave sound came too.

The dawn of snowday, I found the place but there were not trees and station.
However the sound existed.
I am getting remerber, but soon, blizzard came to me.
and such as crumble memory, the train had gone.

Dec. 2006, E100VS

Here is little cold

I went to 'Nack san park' with junior who I like to go with.
and I felt the scenery seem like 1960s seoul which I had seen in the document picture.
Sometimes I heard that It was really cold in 1960 from some older mem.
because of global warming, coldness is becoming reminiscence.

Jan. 2007, RVP50

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