Who is Red Hulk? And Marvel Stuff

Who is Red Hulk?

Reds The New Green

If you don't know.... There is a new hulk in town. Red Hulk is a mystery and loves to beat up people. Red Hulk hates Bruce Banner (The real Hulk).

Call me Rulk.

Give Hulk Hug!

This is when Green Hulk and Red Hulk make teams and fight for different things

The Abomination got killed by Rulk but...

Look Right

Green Hulk's best friend got turned into a new Abomination... A-Bomb!!!
Check out my cool pics

Also check back in later for more info about Red Hulk.

This is big head M.O.D.O.C.K who was designed for killing

What're you lookin at BuB.

Come on! claw his eyes out!

hulk Smash!

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