My sketches and drawings and YOU 2 !!!!

This is a great picture of Mini Mandy she is the daughter of Grim .I will post a picture of her brother later, Grim Jr. i have a lot of sketches of her i will post them later. if you have sketches of her or flowers or something send them to my email and i might post it!!!!! just leave your name and age. My email is email me if you have any pics or sketches to share.

This is baby Grim Jr. he is so cute !!!! I think he is easiest to draw i don't know. He is Mini Mandy's brother.

Ha! I think this pic is really funny. Because Mini Mandy is dancing ballet and then Grim Jr. starts to break dance !!! Please send me your sketches i will post them. My email

This is a picture of baby MiniMandy she looked so cute! And i think baby Grim Jr is such a cutie!!!!! sketches email them to me at

this is MiniMandy doing ballet she looks so cute!

Grim jr is very jealous of his sister. he always calls her a show off. i will post a pic of him jealous

Here is a pic of Grim Jr jealous i will post a pic why

This is why Grim Jr is so jealous of Mini Mandy

But in the end Mini mandy and Grim jr are brother and sister so they have to deal with there problems.
I will update and upload my sketches soon! keep sending me sketches!! @


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My sketches and drawings and YOU 2 !!!! (Art)    -    Author : Naomi - USA

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