wellcome to minecraft and today im waste your time telling about minecraft wanta see the blocks!!!!!!!
enmies on minecraft:)
the minecraft blocks that it all the blocks butt ther more
on the downloaded game like block of emrald
link minecraft and the game
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddddd ddo not forget the minecraft animals but thar more but you got to make em
use obsidian 4 at the top 4 at each side and 4 at the bottom and the last part use flint and steel or fire charger
and it will look like this
im missing something oh its the items
minecraft 1.5.1 minecraft 1.5.2 and minecraft 1.6.1 and more
how to tame a ocelot ok do not move when holding a raw fish when the ocelot is coming close to you use raw fish
then it keep using the raw fish until they change color then you have a cat

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